The exclusive interview with Mischa Barton. The former The O.C. actress speaks out for the very first time following the shocking headlines that she claims she was secretly recorded having sex and that the recording is being shopped to porn sites.

The starlet also sets the record straight about a recent disturbing video that shows her ranting incoherently in her West Hollywood backyard.

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Hollywood Actress Mischa Barton Says Her ‘Absolute Worst Fear’ Has Been Realized

Hollywood Actress Mischa Barton Claims Someone She Loved Made A Sex Video Of Her Without Her Knowledge 

Why Actress Mischa Barton Says She Believes Someone Slipped Her A 'Date Rape' Drug

Why Mischa Barton Says Prescription Drugs And Exhaustion Contributed To An Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

'The Pressure Is Immense' Says Former TV Teen-Drama Queen Mischa Barton About Life In The Spotlight 

'This Is A Fight Over A Woman’s Right To Control Images Of Her Own Body' Says Lawyer Representing Mischa Barton 

Why Hollywood Actress Mischa Barton Says It’s Empowering To Stand Up For Herself

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