Brittany says she wrote to Dr. Phil devastated after she says that she found out that her boyfriend, the man she says she loved and with whom she is having a baby, was leading a double life.

She says she was shocked, destroyed, duped and wanted to speak with Dr. Phil to help other women avoid falling into the same trap she did. But Dr. Phil learns that Brittany was leaving out some very important details. His team uncovered multiple news reports suggesting Brittany had a history of harassing men, fabricating pregnancies, births, and even infant deaths. Brittany was also convicted of falsifying two birth certificates after admittedly lying to a judge about having twins to avoid jail. She says she even presented the judge a photoshopped picture of herself holding fabricated bouncing new babies as proof. Before he meets Brittany and reveals what he has learned, Dr. Phil sits down with some of her former friends who make additional allegations. And, hear what one of her exes has to say.

See what happens in part 2.

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