Inside the real life Washington, D.C. murder mystery that made national headlines and rocked Capitol Hill.

Chandra Levy, a young D.C. Federal Bureau Of Prisons intern, vanished in 2001 and was later found murdered. Although never a suspect, the spotlight was on powerful California congressman Gary Condit, accused of having a very personal relationship with Chandra. Despite those media fueled suspicions, another man was arrested and convicted of the brutal murder of the beautiful young intern. Now, more than a decade later, a surprising twist has broken open the case. All charges have been dismissed against the man convicted of killing Chandra. In an exclusive interview, former Congressman Gary Condit breaks his silence, granting his first interview in 15 years.

Former Congressman Gary Condit Opens Up More Than 15 Years After The Murder Of D.C. Federal Bureau Of Prisons Intern Chandra Levy

15 Years After Chandra Levy's Murder, Former Congressman Gary Condit Opens Up About His Personal Relationship With the D.C. Department of Prisons Intern
Gary Condit On Why He Believes Police Were Focused On Him
Gary Condit's Lawyer: The Media 'Destroyed This Man'
Gary Condit's Message For Chandra Levy's Family

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