Sixteen years ago, Monica’s 45-year-old brother, Jeff, moved back into his childhood bedroom in his mother’s home and has never left.

Monica claims Jeff is lazy, entitled, and takes advantage of their mother, Janet, who was forced to come out of retirement to take care of Jeff and his three children. Janet admits she’s an extreme enabler who has given Jeff well over $100K, raises his children, and pays all his bills. She says Jeff has reverted back to a high schooler and instead of looking for a better job or being a father, he would rather play video games all day or sneak out to hang out with his old high school friends. Jeff’s daughter, Tori, says her dad is a terrible father, and an angry, immature, emotionally unavailable coward. Jeff says he wishes he could be a better father and provider but admits he’s pretty much given up. Jeff comes face-to-face with his fed-up family. Is he finally ready to turn his life around? Find out!

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