Joni claims that Gina used to be one of her besties and that they were inseparable, from spending birthday trips out of town to girls’ nights out, often ending in Gina crashing at Joni’s house. Joni says all that changed when 23-year-old Gina began dating Joni’s 49-year-old father, David, behind her back and giving birth to David’s child. Joni says she feels betrayed by Gina and her father, even going as far as sharing her dislike for her former friend and father’s newfound romance on TikTok. Gina says the picture Joni paints of them being best friends is all a lie, but in any event, Joni needs to accept her relationship with Joni’s father. David says despite his daughter’s disapproval, he is going to continue being in a committed relationship with Gina, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also have a relationship with his daughter.

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