On the outside, 23-year-old Jen appears to have it all: good looks, a successful business, and a healthy 3-year-old daughter. But sadly, on the inside, Jen says she is living a nightmare and suffers from chronic anxiety. She claims that one of the main contributors is Chris, her ex-boyfriend and father of her daughter. Jen says she and Chris have a toxic relationship, and up until three weeks ago, they weren’t speaking. Additionally, Jen’s father, Steve, and Chris don’t see eye-to-eye – as Steve claims Chris never provided for his family. Chris insists he’s changed his life and wants to prove to Jen and Steve he’s the man she deserves. Today, Jen, Steve, and Chris all sit down together for the very first time in almost a year to hopefully clear the air – but, will Steve allow Chris to get a word in? Are they able to move forward and learn to co-parent? Or, is it time to move on? Tune in to find out.

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