Anna Lisa claims her daughter, Amanda’s, fiancé, Alexis, abuses Amanda, encourages her to use drugs, and has even cheated on her repeatedly while pregnant, all of which Alexis denies. Recently, DFPS removed Amanda and Alexis’ children and placed them with Anna Lisa on the grounds of “neglectful supervision.” But Amanda swears Alexis has never abused her and that she and Alexis are wonderful parents. Alexis says he believes the only reason the children were taken is because Anna Lisa hates him and possibly conspired with DFPS. Anna Lisa says she’s going to hold on to her grandchildren for dear life until Amanda finally breaks up with Alexis for good. Can Dr. Phil convince these young parents to step up for their children?

See what happens on Part 2, Accusations of Drugs, Abuse and Child Neglect: Will Amanda and Alexis Stay Together?

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