Tammi says when she met her former fiancé Chris on an online dating site, she liked that he pursued her.

She says they dated on and off for seven years, and he even offered to adopt her teenage daughter. Tammi and Chris’ relationship endured two break-ups and make-ups because Tammi said she still loved him. Even after their relationship ended for the final time, Tammi says they remained “friends with benefits.” But that decision would prove to be nearly fatal for Tammi. Chris viciously attacked Tammi with a meat tenderizer, snapped her vertebrae, smashed her finger down to the tendon and choked her. Find out how Tammi’s daughter, Taylor, saved her life. Chris pleaded guilty to first-degree assault and was sentenced to 12 years in prison. It has been two years since Tammi was attacked by Chris, and Taylor says her mother refuses to leave the house. Tammi admits that she spends most of her time on the couch and only leaves to go to work. She says that she cannot even step foot in a grocery store. Find out why Tammi says the grocery store causes her to have flashbacks of the night she was attacked. Dr. Phil sent Transformational Coach Lisa Nichols to meet with Tammi and Taylor before the show. Find out what she discovered.

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