Brandi says she is seeking Dr. Phil’s help to get back together with her ex-husband, Victor. Brandi admits to multiple affairs while being married to Victor and claims Victor cheated on her throughout their marriage.

After discovering Victor was still in contact with his ex-wife, Brandi took a hammer to Victor’s music studio and caused $40,000 in damage! In January, an altercation with Victor led to Brandi’s nose being broken but Brandi was arrested for assault and child endangerment. Brandi has not seen Victor or their 11-year-old son since this event. Victor claims the real problem in his relationship with Brandi is that she is an out of control alcoholic. Victor claims Brandi is drunk every single day and has been drunk and violent in front of their 11-year-old son on numerous occasions. In the last 10 years, Victor claims Brandi has been arrested at least 12 times and received 3 DWIs. Victor believes every arrest was due to Brandi’s drinking problem, including her latest arrest for shooting up the bedroom of a man she was dating with a .38 revolver. But Brandi says she is not an alcoholic, just “an excessive person.” Does Brandi have a drinking problem? Is Brandi and Victor’s relationship beyond repair?

Watch part two of this two-part episode Thursday.

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