Jonathan says his ex-wife, Jessica, has convinced herself that she’s going blind.

He claims she’s so obsessed with proving that her eyes have “shifted” that she’s taken over 900 pictures of her eyes, walks around in circles to “relieve” the pain, and now spends her day sitting in complete darkness. He claims Jessica is neglecting their children, refuses to shower, eat, or get dressed. Jonathan says their two young children want their mother back, and he wants to convince her she’s not losing her sight. Jessica is adamant she’s going blind and admits taking care of her kids is no longer her priority. Jonathan’s mother, Kathleen, claims her ex-daughter-in-law is a “spoiled rotten brat” and her “illness” is all in her head. Can Dr. Phil help bring this family back together?

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Associate Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology and Director of Neuro Ophthalmology, USC Eye Institute, Keck School of Medicine

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