Caitlin says she was once a successful medical assistant in a happy marriage, and life was great. However, she says ever since her mother died from cancer in 2021, her world came crashing down. She says she feels the medical field has failed her and now she is constantly self-diagnosing; thinking she is going to die every day. Even though doctors tell her she is healthy, Caitlin says she still will go to the hospital 2-5 times a day to make sure she isn’t dying. Caitlin says not only is her health struggling but also her marriage. She claims her husband, Keaton, is checked out and has been talking to other women while she has been in hospitals. Caitlin’s best friend, Joe, says he stepped in and helped pay over $10k in bills since Keaton doesn’t help. Keaton says he wants to save his marriage, but it’s hard when Joe is constantly around.

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