Kalan wrote into the show desperate for Dr. Phil’s help because she says her fiancé, Giovanni, made a major shift in his life goals.

Just two days after he asked Kalan to marry him, she says the Army veteran made a very serious decision to change his identity. Kalan says he has now taken on the persona of a superhero and will only answer to “Goose Wayne Batman.” Kalan says he refuses to take off his mask or eye makeup and although she’s loved him since she was 14, this may be too much to handle. “Goose,” as he refers to himself, says he just wants to help and protect people, and being “Goose Wayne” is a non-negotiable part of his life and also his full-time job. The two are engaged to be married, but Kalan says she doesn’t want to be walking down the aisle with a masked man.

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