Samantha says after her husband of nine years, Zachary, accused her of cheating, lying, and using drugs, and saying people were following him home from work, she separated from him for three months. After reconciling, they moved into her mother-in-law, Christal’s, home, but Samantha claims Zachary’s paranoia just got worse. She says he now accuses her of sleeping with over 170 people, including family members and U.S. presidents. Christal says she is also concerned with her son’s erratic behavior and is even contemplating choosing her daughter-in-law and grandchildren over her own son. But Zachary claims he knows the truth and is tired of his wife and mother siding against him. Dr. Phil, along with family psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy, talks with the family to find out why they claim Zachary appeared to suddenly change one day -- going from a “normal” husband, father, and son to someone suffering from delusions.

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