Tabitha says she has no problem with her husband Gary being a self-proclaimed "virtuous pedophile."

Five years into their marriage, after they had already taken in young foster children, Gary revealed his secret confession to his wife: he’s attracted to little girls. Gary insists he does not act on his urges, and Tabitha says she believes him. She says she is also comfortable with Gary spending time with their young granddaughters. But Gary’s ex-foster daughter tells a different story. The girl who was just 10 years old when she lived with Gary comes face to face with him and makes some shocking accusations.


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What It’s Like Being Married To A Self-Described 'Virtuous Pedophile'
Woman Recalls Day She Learned Husband Is A Self-Described 'Virtuous Pedophile'

'I Am Doing My Best To Avoid Having Sex With Kids At All Costs'
‘I Consider Myself A Virtuous Pedophile’
Man Who Admits To Being Attracted To Young Girls Claims Former Foster Daughter Made False Allegations Against Him
Young Woman Who Claims Former Foster Father Raped Her: ‘I Still Have Night Terrors’
Young Woman Faces Former Foster Father Who She Claims Raped Her

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