Courtney claims that after her parents divorced six years ago, her mother, Michelle, became an “out of control party girl,” and her dangerous behavior resulted in 2 DUIs and a serious car accident that almost killed her. Courtney says her mother was in the hospital for five months and swore she would never drink again, but Courtney claims that the day after her mother left the hospital, she was right back to her single life of drinking and men -- a claim Michelle denies.

Courtney, who claims her mother has very little communication with her or her two brothers and sometimes goes months without seeing or speaking to them, says her greatest fear is that “the next time I see my mom will be at her funeral.” Courtney gave her mother an ultimatum: go see Dr. Phil for help or she will lose her relationship with her children.

Michelle says after her divorce from Courtney’s father she felt like her children went on with their lives without her, and says that’s why she turned to friends, dating and drinking. Michelle says she was never a “crazy drinker,” yet admits she doesn’t remember the accident that put her in the hospital. What does Dr. Phil say Michelle must do before it’s too late?

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