Karen says she’s fallen in love and plans to spend the rest of her life with a man named “Thomas,” whom she met online. But, Karen’s daughter, Mindy, says there is no “Thomas.” She says she is sure her mother is being catfished by a man she has never met or even video chatted with, who claims to be on an oil rig and stuck in the Gulf of Mexico. Mindy says her mother’s heart is not the only thing “Thomas” has stolen from her; he has also gone after money her recently retired mother doesn’t have to give. Karen says she is a dedicated Dr. Phil viewer and has watched all his shows on catfishing, so she knows her “lover” is real. She claims the fact that no one can prove he is a fake gives her great hope they will be together soon. Find out what happens when Dr. Phil provides Karen with evidence that she is being scammed. Will she believe the truth?

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