Kiara says when she was 36-weeks pregnant, her unborn child’s heart stopped beating. She says instead of her mother, Teresa, being there for her, she disclosed the tragic news on social media before she had the opportunity to grieve her son’s death. Even worse, Kiara claims her mother later blamed her for the death of her child and told her that she should have been the one to die instead of her son! Kiara says she doesn’t think she can forget or forgive the horrible things her mother said, but Teresa says her words didn’t come unwarranted – why? Teresa says she feels that both Kiara and her son, Kyrie, have resented her for years for her “strict” parenting growing up. Teresa says she’s tired of her children being ungrateful and treating her like she’s just a “dog” to them. Is it possible for this family to move forward from all the anger and resentment? Should Kiara forgive her mother?

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