Kathy emailed claiming her 35-year-old son, Tim, has been verbally abusing her ever since she called 911 on him seven years ago, which led to Tim receiving a misdemeanor conviction for domestic battery.

Kathy says this conviction has taken over Tim’s life. Kathy claims Tim hasn’t worked since 2015 and he has isolated himself from the world. Tim says he is not overreacting; he claims his mother is responsible for ruining his life! He also blames Kathy’s husband, Vince, for his anger issues and wants her to admit that she exaggerated to the police. Tim’s father and sister say they agree that Tim’s life revolves around this conviction but hold Kathy responsible for instigating this fight. This family hasn’t been in the same room in years until today. They are here to find out if this was a misunderstanding, or if Kathy plotted against her own son.

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