Caitlin wrote to Dr. Phil in hopes of saving her seven-year marriage to Robert, who she claims has been abusive since they were teens.

Robert admits he has anger problems but claims Caitlin can be just as violent and vindictive. To make matters worse, Caitlin says she is at war with her mother-in-law, Susan. She claims Susan enabled Robert to carry on an affair while he lived with her in another state when he was supposed to be going to school – even moving his mistress into the house with them! Robert says he is also at odds with his mother-in-law, Dale, whom he, Caitlin and their two children have lived with for the past three years. He claims that Dale and Caitlin team up to antagonize him. Can Dr. Phil bring peace to this four-way family feud?

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Is unbelievable drama dividing your family?

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