Lindsay claims she and her husband, Billy, have been completely shut out of her family’s multi-million dollar pet supply franchise by her parents, Mike and Sue, who they say favor her older sisters, Brooke and Robyn.

Lindsay says her parents treat her like the black sheep while they cater to Robyn, who she claims acts like a phony “Miss Goody Two-shoes,” and Brooke, who she has accused of constantly causing fights -- and at times she claims they have even gotten physical! Sue and Mike claim Billy is verbally abusive and a liar – and now they claim he is turning Lindsay against her own family. They say these are just a few of the reasons why they would never give their business to Lindsay and her husband. But, Billy and Lindsay believe they are rightfully entitled to more of Mike and Sue’s money and their business, despite being bullied by Robin and Brooke. Then, Kaitlin appeared on Dr. Phil six months ago, pregnant and addicted to heroin. She had her own plan for rehab but it didn’t work, so now she’s back and asking for a second chance.

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