When Victoria was in high school, she was a popular cheerleader, band member, played softball, got straight A’s and seemed to have it all! But inside, she says she was battling to control a horrific rage.

Now, at age 19, Victoria says her temper has escalated to where she throws and break things at home -- and she is even physically abusing her fiancé, Jeremy. But, Victoria claims it is Jeremy who has provoked her when she did such things as chipping his front tooth and hitting him in his eye leaving him with stitches. Jeremy says despite Victoria’s temper issues, he thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the entire world, and he is completely in love with her, even though she calls him names like “stupid,“ and “ugly.“ And, later in the show, Dr. Phil sits down with Jesse Palmer, host of DailyMailTV, to discuss the show’s return for Season 2 and their exclusive interview with Sarah Palin.

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