Linda contacted the show because she believes that her sister, Patsy, is being catfished by a guy named “John” who claims he’s in Cairo, Egypt. 

Linda says that “John” instantly started asking Patsy for money, saying he was in a bind! Patsy took the bait and has given “John” close to $75,000. Linda is furious her sister has fallen into this trap and wants to prove that this man isn’t the real deal. Patsy, a retiree living on a fixed income, even sold her car for “John” and gave him $7,000 because he said he was low on funds and now she has put her home on the market for this “man.” Her sister and niece are desperate for Dr. Phil to intervene because they claim “John” has convinced Patsy to sell her house and give him part of the proceeds to help get him to the US from Egypt so they can marry, collect the million dollars he has coming to him and live happily ever after. Can Dr. Phil help Patsy before she sells her house? 


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