Dana says her son Chas, who was once a good student, star athlete, and self-professed momma’s boy, is now facing five felony charges. While in police custody, the 17-year-old escaped, causing a manhunt that ended after eight hours. Dana says she is scared and heartbroken because he could be facing 10 years in prison. Chas says he is all about “getting the money” and will “hustle” to get out of the hood. He says he is aware that he is facing serious trouble but says, “If you do the crime, you got to do the time.” Chas Sr. says Dana enables their son. He says he tries to discipline Chas, but Dana always shuts him down. Chas Sr. says that his son is reckless, on an out-of-control path, and if he is not careful, Chas will end up in jail or dead.

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