Ronnie says his wife of 14 years, Kim, is punishing him for an affair he swears he did not commit. Ronnie claims Kim’s unwarranted revengeful behavior even forced him to file for a protection order after Kim vandalized his deceased mother’s home. Despite Ronnie’s denial, Kim insists she has “irrefutable proof” that Ronnie has indeed been unfaithful. Ronnie claims Kim is obsessed with proving he’s cheating, so much so, that she tracks his car and phone, and even keeps a notebook where she records his car’s mileage. Plus, Dr. Phil talks to Kim’s two stepdaughters who say they feel Kim’s behavior toward their father and them has destroyed their relationship with her.

See what happens on part 2, "Ronnie’s Flirting, Kim’s Jealousy: Can This Marriage Be Saved?"

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