On April 25, 1998, in the small town of Waverly, Virginia, Allen Gibson, a young, up-and-coming white police officer who was new to the force and excited about his job, saw a man run into the woods. Gibson suspected a drug deal was going down, so he followed. That’s when he locked eyes with two Black men. Gibson’s dying words were, “Two Black males were responsible.” The two men arrested for the crime, Terrence Richardson and Ferrone Claiborne, say they did not commit this murder. A federal jury agreed with them and found the pair not guilty. So, why were they sentenced to life in prison? Dr. Phil finds out when their attorney, Jarrett Adams, explains what the judge on the case did. Gibson's daughter, Crissana, who was 8 years old when her father was killed, says she believes the right two men are behind bars. Crissana shows Dr. Phil what she found from her dad that means so much to her. Plus, for the first time, Crissana comes face to face with Richardson's daughter, Iquisha, and Claibornes's sister, Felisha. And, hear from the former police chief, Warren Sturrup, and a juror on the men’s federal trial, Dawn, who tells Dr. Phil how the jury came to their not guilty verdict.

“The Office of the Attorney General calls balls and strikes and makes decisions guided by the rule of law. The Attorney General’s Office, including an internal working group of former Commonwealth’s Attorneys with over 76 years of combined prosecution experience, has carefully reviewed the petition for a writ of actual innocence and former Attorney General Herring’s position in the case. We are now of the view that both Virginia law and the facts of this case do not support the claim for a writ of actual innocence. It should be noted that an executive clemency request to President Barack Obama was also denied.“
- AG Jason Miyares Spokeswoman: Victoria LaCivita