The movies, supermarkets, gas stations, drugstores, hair salons, the end of a 5k run, and even children’s birthday parties -- all places where you can buy or find alcohol. For many, a beer, a glass of wine, or a cocktail may be part of how they socialize, relax, or reward themselves after a hard day at work or looking after children. It’s also glamorized on social media platforms, sold by celebrities, and pervasive in movies and TV. Dr. Phil speaks with four women, all on different journeys with alcohol. First, Michelle says she decided to become sober during the pandemic but recently started drinking again “in moderation.” Erica says she has been sober for two years but admits to drinking a beer “occasionally.” Alex says she has been happily sober for eight years but still occasionally questions if she could drink again. And, Devin says drinking is part of her daily ritual and “who she is,” and she resents the shaming of the “wine mom.” Also joining the conversation is Susan Stewart, Professor of Sociology at Iowa State University and author of “On the Rocks: Straight Talk About Women and Drinking,” who says stereotypes about women who drink oversimplify the issue, and some may not even recognize the transition between moderation and problematic drinking habits.

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