Fifteen-year-old Sadara, who has been arrested multiple times, is not in school, smokes, drinks, has stolen cars, and even stole a safe full of family valuables worth $30,000.

Sadara says she gets an adrenaline rush from her life of crime. Her parents, Cynthia and Robert, are currently separated in part because they are at odds over how to parent Sadara, who was just released from a juvenile facility for violating probation. Sadara says she grew up having a painful childhood. She claims she was excited at first when her mother’s husband, Robert, stepped in and then adopted her, but claims he went too far with his discipline -- spanking her bottom, cutting her hair, and chaining her ankles with padlocks. But Robert believes he can do a better job of parenting than Cynthia, who he says allows their daughter to get away with far too much. Can Cynthia get back the little girl she used to have before she became a 15-year-old burglar, runaway, and high school dropout? Find out what Sadara says she would like to see happen at home in order to try and avoid a life of prison.

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