Krysti says she thinks her sister-in-law Ashleigh is a melodramatic, lying, attention-seeking, manipulative, drug addict, which Ashleigh adamantly denies.

She says she just can’t understand why her mother-in-law, Kristin, and her husband, Jacob, can’t see the lies, so she wants them to make a decision: pick her or Ashleigh. But, Jacob says he wishes his wife would just drop her ultimatum so they can live in peace. Can Dr. Phil help them make a decision?

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Is your family a stressed mess?

Woman Says She’s Faced With An “Impossible Choice” In The Conflict Between Her Daughter and Daughter-In-Law

A New Mother Says Either Her Husband’s Sister Moves Out, Or She’ll Take Her Baby And Leave

Woman Denies Sister-In-Law’s Allegation That She Had A Feeding Tube Put In To Get Attention

I Never Had Any Plan Or Intentions To Kidnap My Nephew,’ Says Woman Whose Sister-In-Law Accuses Her Of Plotting To Steal Her Baby

Woman Claims Sister-In-Law “Begs For Attention” And Lies About Past Abuse

Woman Says Sister-In-Law Mooches Off Her Parents And Questions Claims Of Past Sexual Assault

Dr. Phil To Guest’s Daughter-In-Law: 'You Don’t Hold A Grandchild Hostage To Leverage Somebody Into Doing What You Don’t Want To Do'


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