At 5’6, 23-year-old Jordan weighs a shocking 75 pounds, because she admits she is literally starving herself to death. Jordan says she eats only one cup of cereal and scoop of yogurt in a day, and rarely even uses body lotion to soothe her severely dehydrated skin because she believes it may contain calories.

Jordan says doctors have warned her that she is near death, but she says she actually loves the attention she gets from her eating disorder, even claiming to feel a “high” from doctors telling her just how physically ill her body is. Jordan says her eating disorder is not only her best friend, but also serves as a daily adviser on how to continue her deadly disorder. Jordan claims another reason she is starving herself is for revenge against her mother, Angela, who she claims is a trigger for her anorexia. Jordan’s stepfather, Bob, says he’s spent over $100,000 trying to save Jordan’s life but now is done, because he claims Jordan is a manipulative attention seeker who simply refuses to be saved. Jordan comes face-to-face with her mother and stepfather.

See what happens when Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Jordan and her family.

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