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          April 27, 2018

          Accusations of Drugging and Indoctrination: One Man's Days Inside the Controversial Church of Wells

          Today, Dr. Phil goes inside the controversial Church of Wells. Located in the tiny, isolated town of Wells, Texas, population 814, the Church of Wells is best known for being accused by one member’s parents of holding their daughter against her will for years,  an accusation the Church denies.

          The group lives shrouded in mystery, and neighbors and ex-followers say stepping onto their compound is like stepping back in time to the 1700s — with men wearing plaid shirts, and women dressing modestly, trailing behind their husbands and being seen and not heard. Today, in an exclusive interview, Dr. Phil goes behind the church’s closed doors. And, hear one man’s claims of being indoctrinated, drugged, and finally leaving the church and its strict dogma behind.

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          April 26, 2018

          “I Shot My Lying, Cheating, Manipulative, Narcissistic, Millionaire Boyfriend and Now I Want to Marry Him”

          Two years ago, Maryann met Luis on a dating site. She says five days after their first date, he professed his love to her, and they began planning a wedding.

          She says he told her he was a single millionaire and could give her anything she wanted. But Maryann claims her fairy-tale romance turned into a full-blown nightmare six months later when she discovered Luis was a married man cheating with multiple women. So on one rainy night just over a year ago, Maryann says she snapped and shot her “lying, married, manipulative, narcissistic boyfriend” in the leg. The wedding is still on, even though Luis is scarred and will be limping for the rest of life. Luis and Maryann want Dr. Phil to tell them if it’s a good idea to walk down the aisle, or if they should split up for good?

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          April 25, 2018

          “I Wish I was Never a Mother But I Have 5 Children …”

          Single mother of five, Jenny, admits she never wanted kids and wishes she never became a mom. She says she prefers to lock herself in her bedroom to avoid all of them.

          Her two oldest, 18-year-old Ryan and 15-year-old Maddie, say Jenny is the worst mom because she rarely gets out of bed and is always threatening to leave them or to drive her car off a cliff. Jenny says she had a terrible role model, her mother, Lisa. For the first time, Jenny reveals a family secret to her mother that she’s been holding onto for 17 years.

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          April 24, 2018

          "Down To 75 Pounds: Can Jordan Be Saved?"

          Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Jordan, whose eating disorder has her weight down to a shocking 75 pounds. Jordan admits that her deadly eating disorder is not only her best friend but acted as an adviser who encouraged her to lose more weight.

          Jordan also revealed that a major reason she continues to starve herself is to purposely punish her mother, Angela, who Jordan claims triggers her eating disorder. Today, Jordan reveals why she believes her stepfather, Bob, has turned her mother against her. Plus, find out why Jordan’s family has concerns about the boyfriend she has turned to for support, and the shocking details about why Bob and Angela want this young man far away from their daughter. They will meet him for the first time on Dr. Phil’s stage. Finally, learn why Angela fears she may have unwittingly led her daughter down this dark and deadly path. Plus, Cleveland kidnapping survivor Michelle Knight reveals all the details of her secret wedding and how she found love.

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          April 23, 2018

          “Our Daughter is Starving Herself to Death and It’s Killing Our Family”

          At 5’6, 23-year-old Jordan weighs a shocking 75 pounds, because she admits she is literally starving herself to death. Jordan says she eats only one cup of cereal and scoop of yogurt in a day, and rarely even uses body lotion to soothe her severely dehydrated skin because she believes it may contain calories.

          Jordan says doctors have warned her that she is near death, but she says she actually loves the attention she gets from her eating disorder, even claiming to feel a “high” from doctors telling her just how physically ill her body is. Jordan says her eating disorder is not only her best friend, but also serves as a daily adviser on how to continue her deadly disorder. Jordan claims another reason she is starving herself is for revenge against her mother, Angela, who she claims is a trigger for her anorexia. Jordan’s stepfather, Bob, says he’s spent over $100,000 trying to save Jordan’s life but now is done, because he claims Jordan is a manipulative attention seeker who simply refuses to be saved. Jordan comes face-to-face with her mother and stepfather.

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          April 20, 2018

          "My Wife's Son Can't Function in Society and I'm Ready to Kick Him Out!"

          Sandy wrote into the show because she says her 22-year-old son, Dylan’s, life has been halted since his best friend died of a drug overdose almost two years ago.

          Dylan, who tried to revive his friend by doing CPR, says that he partially blames himself for his friend’s death, and that his stepdad, Thomas, doesn’t understand his pain. Now, Dylan sleeps up to 13 hours a day, and Sandy says she walks on eggshells and fears waking him before noon. Thomas says Dylan was a defiant child in every way and gets by with it because his mother and father don’t give any discipline or consequences. He says that the table was set before he came in the picture, but if Dylan was his biological son, he would force him to do what he’s told. He says that Dylan lives rent-free in his house and if he tries to punish him, Dylan just runs back to his dad’s. Thomas says he’s fed up with having Dylan under his roof without following the rules, and he’s ready to kick his stepson out if he doesn’t step inline.

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          April 19, 2018

          "Should I Leave My Angry, Money-Hungry Husband?"

          Holly says when she and her husband, Murat, met, they had a whirlwind romance and married after dating for just two months. Holly says she now believes that Murat only married her for the millions she stands to inherit.

          She claims Murat is always talking about her money and even lied about the amount of debt he was in before they married, telling her that he was $50,000 in debt but she later found out that he was closer to $100,000 in debt. Murat admits he lied about the amount of money he owed because he was embarrassed and did not want to be judged. But money is not their only problem. Holly claims Murat has physically assaulted her on three different occasions, including an incident where Holly claims Murat threw her over an ottoman. But Murat denies throwing her and claims he only pushed Holly because they were arguing, and she was in his face. Holly says she is fed up, no longer loves her husband and wants a divorce but feels stuck in the marriage. However, Murat is not willing to give up so easily; he says he wants to save his marriage and build a future with Holly. Find out what advice Dr. Phil has for this couple.

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          April 18, 2018

          "My Boyfriend Just Told Me He’s Still Married"

          Dr. Phil tackles the four biggest issues in relationships: money, sex, trust, and weight.

          First, trust. Lisa says she met the man of her dreams, Johnathan, on an online dating site 15 months ago. After a few months, Lisa says they moved in together with their young children from past relationships, combined their finances, and discussed having more children and even marriage. Lisa says she wasted no time in trying on wedding dresses and looking for the perfect ring, but Johnathan dropped a bombshell, which changed everything: He says he won’t be walking down the aisle anytime soon. Why? Because he is not even divorced from his first wife! Next, weight and sex. Mother of three Jamie dropped over 100 pounds and transformed herself into a new woman. But her husband of 18 years, Chuck, says his wife’s new figure is a turn-off and he is no longer attracted to her sexually. And, money, one of the main reasons couples divorce. Chandler is learning that young love comes at a very high price. He says his 21-year-old fiancée, Arynn, has landed them in over $60,000 of debt because she can’t stop spending their money on the finer things in life.

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          April 16, 2018

          “She Stabbed And Killed The Man Who Claimed To Have Disposed Of Natalee Holloway’s Remains.”

          John Ludwick, who claimed to have helped hide the body of missing teenager Natalee Holloway, was stabbed to death in Florida after he reportedly attempted to kidnap 23-year-old Emily Heistand.

          In an exclusive interview, Heistand speaks out for the first time just days after her attack.

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          April 13, 2018

          “I Was Held Hostage By My Narcissist Ex. Now I Want to Help His Fiancée”

          Laurie-Ann emailed Dr. Phil claiming she was robbed by her dangerous, narcissist ex-boyfriend and his new fiancée, Alison. She claims her ex, Michael, held her hostage for seven years.

          Laurie-Ann claims Michael and Alison are retaliating against her for breaking her silence and filing charges against Michael for domestic violence, emotional abuse, theft and fraud. But Michael and Alison say Laurie-Ann is a liar who is always playing the victim. Michael says he never held her hostage; she only started to say that because he dumped her. Alison says she just wants Laurie-Ann to move on with her life, let them be happy, and stop stalking them. But Laurie-Ann says Alison doesn’t know how vindictive Michael really is and she claims he has turned everyone, including the police, against her. Laurie-Ann says she wants Dr. Phil to validate her story.

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          April 12, 2018

          “The Woman Who Adopted Me Just Stole My Baby”

          Sandy claims her 23-year-old daughter, Katelyn, is an unfit mother who put her 20-month-old son in danger. She says her daughter was homeless, going place to place and did not have proper child care for her son.

          Sandy claims when she found her grandson smelling like urine with severe diaper rash, an ear infection, and bad eczema, Sandy and her husband, Ed, filed for permanent guardianship of their grandson. But Katelyn claims her mother is a “bitter” woman who stole her son, and she wants him back! Katelyn says she now has a home and a full-time job and deserves to have her son. Find out what Dr. Phil has to say to Katelyn? Is Katelyn ready to be a mother to her son?

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          April 11, 2018

          When Love Hurts

          Josh says he deeply loves his fiancée, Jen, but is ready to call it quits because he claims she viciously attacks him every other day. Josh says Jen scratches, slaps, and punches him, and has even pulled a steak knife on him — twice!

          Josh admits he has also been physical with Jen but claims it was absolutely necessary in order to protect himself. Jen admits to her violent behavior toward Josh but says his reactions to her violence are 10 times worse than anything she has done to him. Jen claims Josh has ripped out chunks of her hair, given her black eyes, broken her collarbone, and even slammed her head into the refrigerator! Jen says she believes Josh has been cheating on her throughout their relationship – which he denies – and wants him to apologize and take responsibility for his part in their dysfunctional relationship. Is there any hope for this “toxic” relationship? Can Dr. Phil help end this cycle of violence for the sake of Jen and Josh’s 19-month-old daughter? Find out!

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          April 10, 2018

          “My Son Blames His Grandmother’s Murder for Him Being A Violent, Neglectful Mooch”

          Elaine and her husband, Ric, claim they are being held hostage by their son, AJ. They claim AJ is the ultimate moocher, who is violent and lazy. They claim they have spent over $40,000 on AJ, pay for his rent and groceries, and even take care of his 4-year-old son.

          They say eight years ago, AJ found his grandmother lying in a pool of blood after a brutal home invasion and is using his PTSD as a crutch to get away with his behavior. AJ admits he’s lazy, smokes marijuana all day as a way to “cope” with his grandmother’s murder, and expects his mother to financially support him. AJ’s brother, Matt, says AJ is a “giant destructive vacuum” who has always played the victim. AJ’s family is fed up with his entitled behavior. Can Dr. Phil help this family?

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          April 09, 2018

          Cold Case: "I Didn’t Murder My 15-Year-Old Sister! The False Accusations and Small Town Gossip Haunt Me"

          Jodie emailed Dr. Phil saying her 15-year-old sister, Reesa, was brutally murdered on June 15, 1984. Jodie says she was only 13 years old and considered a prime suspect.

          The crime was never solved, and the case went cold. Jodie says she was a suspect throughout her teen years and interrogated by police numerous times, but she has maintained her innocence for 34 years. Jodie says she’s had a difficult life, and her sister’s murder still haunts her to this day. It’s been over three decades, and she says the townspeople haven’t stopped gossiping and accusing her of murdering her only sibling. Until today, Jodie has never talked publicly about that horrifying day. Jodie says she’ll do anything to prove her innocence once and for all. Will Jodie take Dr. Phil’s polygraph and end all the rumors?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Being falsely accused of something?

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          April 06, 2018

          "Our Mother Blames Us for Her Being a Violent, Raging, Drunk"

          Sisters Hillary, Heather, and Holli claim their mother, Shelly, is a raging and violent alcoholic who once knocked Holli out with a picture frame and attempted to kick Heather in the stomach when she was 9 months pregnant.

          Even worse, they say their father, John, is putting his life at risk every single day because they claim their mom regularly abuses him. They claim their mom pushes, hits and chokes their dad, and once, even threw a hammer at him. They claim their mom regularly threatens to kill their father and leaves death threats in voicemails. Shelly completely denies she is abusive to anyone in the family and says her family is to blame for her drinking. In fact, Shelly claims she’s the real victim in all of this and that her husband is actually abusing her and supplying her with alcohol. Shelly’s daughters say that is just another one of the many lies their mother tells so she can keep on drinking. Will Shelly take responsibility for her drinking? Is John abusing her and supplying her with alcohol? Find out!

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          April 05, 2018

          "My Granddaughter is a Danger to Our Family. Is Her Mom to Blame?"

          Sherrye emailed Dr. Phil desperate about the feud between her daughter, Hallie, and her 14-year-old granddaughter, Tatum.

          Sherrye claims Tatum is putting herself in dangerous situations by meeting men online, and Hallie just doesn’t know how to handle it. The arguments get so bad that Tatum has been in and out of juvenile detention, and Tatum is currently living in a detention facility indefinitely. Hallie also emailed multiple times about her troubled teenage daughter. She says she feels like a prisoner in her own home. Hallie says she had to install a home alarm system and deadbolt locks to try and keep Tatum from sneaking out. But Sherrye says Hallie has a lot to do with Tatum’s behavior.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a Volatile Teen, Parent or Sibling?

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          April 04, 2018

          "SOS! My Beautiful Violinist Daughter is Living in a Shelter"

          Marilyn says she provided a perfect childhood for her daughter, Anika, including Montessori schools, softball, music lessons and dance.

          And even though her daughter got great grades and played the violin at Carnegie Hall, Marilyn claims she began to notice disturbing behavioral issues that no doctor could ever diagnose. Since then, she says she has been begging for help from anyone who will listen because she claims at this point, her now 31-year-old daughter is not only homeless, she’s also a mentally ill, unfit mother of a 6-month-old baby who is now in CPS custody. But Anika claims her mother wants her to be sick so she can control her and that she loves the attention. Anika says she is a fit mother and wants her baby back. Does Dr. Phil agree?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Dr. Phil, please solve our conflict!

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          April 03, 2018

          Homeless Mom in Vegas: Jessica and Her Backstage Drama And Every Day She’s Hustling … Vivica A. Fox on Love and Life Lessons Learned

          Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Mary, Craig and their 22-year-old daughter, Jessica, who is currently homeless.

          Is Jessica really 8 weeks pregnant as she claims? Her parents say with her past history of stretching the truth, they are not sure she’s telling the truth. Find out when the pregnancy test results are revealed. See what happens when tempers run high after the show, and Jessica faces off with her parents backstage.

          Plus, actress Vivica A. Fox, who plays Cookie Lyon’s sister in the hit TV show “Empire,” reveals all to Dr. Phil about her debut motivational memoir “Every Day I’m Hustling.”

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Is Dr. Phil your only hope?

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          April 02, 2018

          "Our Pregnant Daughter with Dreams of Being Rich and Famous is Destitute in Las Vegas"

          Mary and Craig claim that their daughter Jessica left the family home in January for Las Vegas with her 2-year-old daughter after being promised fame and fortune working as a “model” and “dancer” by a man she met online.

          Jessica claims that her parents kicked her out and that a pimp ended up sex trafficking her, beating her and leaving her homeless, destitute and 8 weeks pregnant. Jessica says despite this, her parents, who are licensed therapists, refuse to help her, so she is cutting ties with them.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Toxic Relative?

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