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          September 29, 2017

          "Our Soccer Mom Had an Affair, Abandoned Our Family and Now Wants Forgiveness!"

          Alex, Scott, and Sean claim their mother, Geraldine, abandoned them as young children 25 years ago to start a new family.

          The boys say they began their life with a perfect soccer mom but were soon lost boys floating from home to home for most of their young lives. When Geraldine left, she moved across the country to start a new family. Geraldine wrote to the show saying she’s apologized over and over again, and it’s time for her sons to move on so she can have a relationship with her grandchildren. The three boys come face-to-face with their mom for the first time in years on Dr. Phil’s stage. Can this fractured family be saved?

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          September 28, 2017

          “How Did My Daughter Go from Working as a Successful School Counselor with a Master’s Degree to Neglecting Her Family and Living in an RV!?”

          Sandra and her husband, Bobby, claim that after eating a hamburger and getting a mysterious illness, her daughter, Shaela, went from being a mother of two with a master’s degree working as a school counselor to being unemployed and living in an RV.

          Sandra says Shaela has exhibited some very strange behaviors, including trimming bushes and pulling weeds in the middle of the night, and taking apart her entire RV. Sandra says she’s extremely concerned with her daughter’s dramatic change. Shaela says she is frustrated by her mother’s inability to trust her decisions, including how she wishes to raise her own children. Shaela’s sister, Sara, says Shaela was always mean and self-centered, before she lost her job, house and family.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a family drama that needs Dr. Phil’s help?

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          September 27, 2017

          "My Daughter and Son-In-Law Won’t Let Me See My Grandchildren until I Get a Psych Evaluation. I Want It From You, Dr. Phil!"

          Susan emailed Dr. Phil claiming she’s at war with her son-in-law, David, and daughter, Bekah. Susan says she’s not sure why she’s not allowed to see her grandchildren.

          Susan claims Bekah has blamed her “sinful behavior.” According to Susan, her daughter has told her that she thinks she’s a danger to her children’s souls. Susan also claims Bekah and David have diagnosed her with a personality disorder. She says they have told her that she needs to go to a psychiatrist and get treated. But Bekah says her mother knows good and well it was her “sinful behavior” that got her removed from their lives. Bekah claims her mother is unstable and even discharged a firearm in her own home. Can Susan mend things with her daughter and son-in-law, and will she ever see grandchildren again?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have family drama that needs that help?

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          September 26, 2017

          Partners in Crime: Two Teen Sisters are Confronted!

          Dr. Phil continues the conversation with frustrated parents Bill and Jen and their two teenage daughters, Meredith and Emma.

          Bill explains why he says he drove recklessly and tailgated a police car at high speed … on purpose! Plus, Emma and Meredith are sent off stage by Dr. Phil. Emotions and tempers run high as the parents have to make a difficult decision about their daughters’ futures. When Emma and Meredith are confronted with the reality of what is about to happen to them, neither of them wants to move forward and protest to the end.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a family drama that needs Dr. Phil’s help?

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          September 25, 2017

          "We are Being Terrorized By Our Violent, Car-Stealing, Drug-Using Teen Daughters"

          Bill and Jen claim their life is a living hell because they live in terror of not one, but two teenage daughters: 18-year-old Emma and her 16-year-old sister, Meredith. 

          These frustrated parents claim the girls’ behavior includes physical violence, explosive fights, spitting in Bill’s face, joyriding, taking drugs, drinking and shoplifting. Jen claims in the last two months, Emma’s violent outbursts include punching her 65-year-old grandfather in the face and knocking his glasses off and getting in a vicious fight with her sister Meredith that resulted in injuries requiring emergency medical attention. Bill says he feels that he can’t punish or parent the girls because they call the police on him with allegations of domestic abuse. Meredith and Emma say their parents are controlling and manipulative. 

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Chaos in your life?

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          September 22, 2017

          From PTA Mom to Addicted and Homeless in Her Luxury SUV

          Carrie reveals that after a series of medical issues, she became dependent on the prescription medication her doctors prescribed, eventually leading her to an addiction to heroin.

          Her husband, Christopher, says it’s this addiction that forced him to have the courts remove Carrie from their home and file a restraining order to keep her from their 15-year-old daughter, which left this former PTA mom homeless and living out of her luxury SUV. Carrie says nothing can keep her clean, even flatlining twice and being medically forced to wear a lifesaving resuscitation vest. How will Carrie’s husband and adult daughter react when Carrie reveals she is not only driving her 15-year-old daughter under the influence, but she has also used heroin in the school bathroom at her teen daughter’s sporting events?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Relative gone from big success to a total mess?

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          September 21, 2017

          “I Lost 300 Lbs and Men Think I’m Hot but My Fiancé Says I’m Not”

          Debbie tipped the scale at 450 pounds but two years ago, she underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost more than 300 pounds! 

          You would think she would be overjoyed at her incredible weight loss, but Debbie says she just can’t stop seeing herself as disgusting, especially because she is carrying around an extra 30 pounds of loose skin. To make matters worse, Debbie says her fiancé, James, doesn’t help with her self-esteem because she says he’s very controlling and jealous.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Betrayed by a loved one?

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          September 20, 2017

          Stalking, Hiding in the Bushes and a Restraining Order: A Teen Girl’s Obsession with Her Ex-Boyfriend

          A teen girl so obsessed with her on-again, off-again boyfriend that he claims she has become a stalker, forcing him to get a restraining order… for three years!

          Cristie says her 19-year-old daughter Corryn started dating 17-year-old Jack almost two years ago and every time they break up, Corryn becomes a “crazy ex-girlfriend.” Jack claims Corryn calls him hundreds of times a day, breaks into his house and hides behind the bushes to watch his every move, each time violating the restraining order. But Corryn says Jack plays games with her and lures her to him every time. Cristie and Jack’s mom, Brytt, say they’ve had it and want their teens’ relationship to end today — but what does Corryn have to say about that? Can she stop obsessing over Jack, and will she keep a promise she made to Dr. Phil?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a story Dr. Phil won’t believe?

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          September 19, 2017

          “My Sister is Over $50,000 in Debt, Sold Her Car, Lost Her Savings and Has Sold Her Home All Because She’s in Love With a Guy in Egypt She’s Never Met!”

          Linda contacted the show because she believes that her sister, Patsy, is being catfished by a guy named “John” who claims he’s in Cairo, Egypt.

          Linda says that “John” instantly started asking Patsy for money, saying he was in a bind! Patsy took the bait and has given “John” close to $75,000. Linda is furious her sister has fallen into this trap and wants to prove that this man isn’t the real deal. Patsy, a retiree living on a fixed income, even sold her car for “John” and gave him $7,000 because he said he was low on funds and now she has put her home on the market for this “man.” Her sister and niece are desperate for Dr. Phil to intervene because they claim “John” has convinced Patsy to sell her house and give him part of the proceeds to help get him to the US from Egypt so they can marry, collect the million dollars he has coming to him and live happily ever after. Can Dr. Phil help Patsy before she sells her house?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Catfish Scam?

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          September 18, 2017

          "I’ve Given My Drug Addict Son Over 3 Million Dollars but I’ve Done it to Keep Him Alive"

          Despite his wife threatening divorce, Jerry Sr. says he has spent over $3 million to save his son, Jerry Jr.’s, life from an extreme addiction to heroin and crack.

          From spending $1 million dollars on safe luxury cars for Jerry Jr. to drive, to having an attorney on a $20,000 retainer to get his son out of legal trouble, Jerry Sr. insists he is the only one keeping his only son alive. But just how far will this father go to “save” his son? You won’t want to miss what happens when Dr. Phil shows Jerry Sr.’s wife and daughter video footage of him actually buying drugs for his son and allowing him to shoot heroin and smoke crack in front of him.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Life in crisis?

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          September 15, 2017

          Three DUIs and Multiple Arrests: "Our Sweet Little Granny Has Become a Pill Popping, Vodka Drinking, Menace to Society!”

          Misti says her mother, Lisa, is a “raging alcoholic” who has failed rehab three times and was arrested and charged with her third DUI just days before appearing on the show.

          Misti’s husband, Brent, says Lisa has a serious alcohol and pill popping problem, and it would be a “weight lifted off their shoulders if she just died.” Lisa’s siblings Jim and Deann say she’s an embarrassment to the family. They claim Lisa terrorizes their elderly parents so badly that police have been called at least 50 times. They also claim she has stolen their 90-year-old father’s cancer medication and also assaulted him. Lisa says she’s not an alcoholic – she’s just a person who likes to drink. So, is it too late for Lisa to change her lifestyle? Find out if Dr. Phil can give Lisa the reality check her family desperately needs.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: At your final breaking point?

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          September 14, 2017

          "Our Know-It-All High School Dropout Daughter Wants to Be a YouTube Star!"

          Sixteen-year-old Brittney is a high school dropout who claims she is too smart for school and wants to be a famous YouTube star.

          Brittney admits that while working on her career, she spends her days hanging out with boys at the skate park, drinking and smoking marijuana. Her parents, Kimber and Tim, say she is a manipulator who has zero ambition and needs to get her act together. Brittney claims her parents are her problem – especially her mother, who Brittney accuses of being a liar and even a thief! Dr. Phil investigates why Brittney’s dad along with his parents, Ben and Linda, claim Kimber and Brittney are tearing their entire family apart.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Problems with your teen?

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          September 13, 2017

          A Daughter’s Suicide; Parents Grieving, Her Law Student Boyfriend Falsely Accused?

          On October 29, 2016, college student Samantha committed suicide by hanging herself in the carport of the house she shared with her law student boyfriend Jonathon.

          Her stepmother, Katie, and father, Dan, accuse Jonathon of not only being emotionally and verbally abusive toward Samantha, but also blame him for their daughter taking her own life — all of which Jonathon adamantly denies. Does Jonathon have any ownership in Samantha’s tragic death?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: I’m living a nightmare!

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          September 12, 2017

          Singer Sinead O’Connor Speaks Out after Hotel Breakdown: The Exclusive Interview

          Grammy Award winning Singer Sinead O’Connor is best known for her shaved head and her haunting rendition of the Prince song “Nothing Compares 2 U.” A recent Facebook video posted by the Irish songstress revealed she was depressed and desperate for help, living alone in a modest motel room in New Jersey.

          Sinead asks Dr. Phil for help placing her in a long-term treatment facility, and for a platform to tell her story to destigmatize mental illness.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Are you involved in a story that has made the headlines?

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          November 23, 2017

          “My Beautiful Daughters Accuse Me of Being a Controlling Manipulative Father ”

          Steve says his daughters, 25-year-old Alexandra and 20-year-old Victoria, are constantly making self-destructive decisions and allowing men to take advantage of them. But Alexandra and Victoria say they have not gotten the love and connection they needed from their father lately.

          Steve says that is just “dumb” and both of his daughters need therapy and suggested they get Dr. Phil’s app, Doctor on Demand. He even sends his daughters quotes from Dr. Phil that Steve believes apply to his daughters’ lives. But is Steve following Dr. Phil’s advice from the shows that he is watching or just dictating to his daughters? Alexandra and Victoria say their father has tried to control them their entire lives, from telling them who they could hang out with, which TV shows they could watch and even tried to put a tracking device on their phones. Steve’s daughters say they want him to back off and stop what they call his controlling behavior. But Steve says it’s not that he’s controlling, he claims there are legitimate reasons for all of the decisions he has made, all designed to keep his daughters safe. Find out what Dr. Phil has to say about Steve’s parenting.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have family drama that needs that help?

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          September 08, 2017

          A Mother Relapsed after Rehab, 2 DUIs, 30 Days in Jail and Still Drinking Herself to Death

          A year ago, former guest Treva left Dr. Phil and the audience shocked when she walked on to the stage barefoot and drunk.

          Treva’s daughters, Morgan and Ashley, told Dr. Phil their mom had spent 170 days in jail for assaulting a police officer, disturbing the peace and arson for setting her own home on fire. Both said their mom’s drinking was out of control. Dr. Phil sent Treva to Origins Recovery Center where she spent 67 days and entered a sober living facility that ended up kicking her out for breaking the number 1 rule: no drinking. Since then, Treva has continued to drink and was arrested for two DUIs and made headline news when a judge ordered her to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet and a GPS tracker and placed her under house arrest, before sentencing her to 45 days in jail. Morgan and Ashley say they’re scared their mom will die or kill someone else while driving drunk, so they reached out to Dr. Phil once again for help.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Relative gone from big success to a total mess?

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          September 07, 2017

          “Dr. Phil, Help! My Mother is Obsessed with Being Me and Looking ‘On Fleek’! She Needs to Act Her Age and Start Acting like a Mother!”

          Taylor says her mom, Michelle, dresses and acts inappropriately, posts “half-naked” pictures on social media and is obsessed with looking “on fleek.”

          She claims her mom is an obsessive narcissist who never matured past the age of 17 and cares more about being her “bestie” and looking like her than being a parent Taylor can look up to and admire. Taylor also claims that her mom is a recovering alcoholic who ruined her childhood and is to blame for her having no life skills. Michelle says she looks good for her age and is proud of it. She says her daughter is a spoiled brat and that she gave her the tools she needs to be independent, but Taylor refuses to use them. Can Dr. Phil help save this mother-daughter relationship?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Living a real life soap opera? Dr. Phil can help!

          Season 16 of Dr. Phil premieres Tuesday, September 12. Check here to see where you can watch.

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          September 06, 2017

          “My Mom is the Worst Mom in History!”

          Elora claims her mother, Vicki, is sometimes “the worst mom in history” and acts more like a selfie-taking teenager
          than a responsible parent.

          When Elora was growing up, she says Vicki, who has her master’s degree in clinical psychology,
          took the easy way out when it came to dealing with the stress of Elora’s difficult teen years. She claims that her mother
          put her in the psych ward three times and even put her in foster care. Elora says she is now worried about her 8-year-old
          brother and 8-year-old niece who are currently living with her mother.
          She says she’s “fearful history will repeat itself.” Elora asks Dr. Phil to help her and her mom.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Family Feud?

          Season 16 of Dr. Phil premieres Tuesday, September 12. Check here to see where you can watch.

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          September 05, 2017

          A Husband Accused, a Wife Arrested and Bruised: Who’s Abusing Who?

          Sky claims her husband, Josh, has not only left her body covered in bruises but has also stolen her identity in order to steal thousands of dollars from her, and wiped out her retirement savings.

          Sky claims her husband is willing to go to great lengths to destroy her life, including threatening to have her deported and recently having her arrested and thrown in jail. Josh, who denies many of Sky’s claims, admits he has abused Sky in the past but insists she deliberately pushes him to the point where he just snaps. Josh admits he exaggerated Sky’s abuse to the police in order to have her arrested and “teach her a lesson” because of, he claims, Sky’s violence toward him. Josh claims he has never physically abused anyone other than Sky, but his ex-fiancée, Ashley, tells a much different story. How will Josh react when he learns Ashley is in the studio and ready to face him? Plus, how will he react when Dr. Phil shows him video of his behavior?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Life in crisis?

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          September 04, 2017

          Wives Fed Up with Their Husbands on the Brink

          Teri says a few weeks after her husband, Ryan, was electrocuted while fixing his Christmas lights, she noticed the 27-year-old police sergeant started having panic attacks daily.

          Teri says Ryan has racked up $50,000 in doctors’ bills and spends his time lying on the floor wearing breathing strips and covered in essential oils because he’s convinced they will stop him from having the attacks – even though doctors say nothing is wrong. Teri says his behavior has consumed their life and it’s tearing their family apart. Then, Samantha says her loving husband Matthew’s behavior seemed to change overnight. Samantha claims that Matthew slept in a tent in a garage, hid under a bridge, spent $20,000 a month and further claims that he had “three psychic breaks in three days.” Samantha also claims that, after Matthew was voluntarily committed and released, Matthew “fled,” and she hasn’t seen him since. Both Matthew and Samantha were ready and excited to meet with Dr. Phil but after some very strange developments, they disappeared. Did they make it to the show? You won’t want to miss this shocking episode of Dr. Phil.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Fed up with your spouse?

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