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          October 19, 2018

          Evicted and Homeless: "My Daughter is Not Capable of Being A Mother"

          LiAnne admits she’s made some mistakes in her life, but says that was no reason for her mother, Debra, to “go behind her back and steal custody” of her children from her.

          Now, LiAnne says she’s doing everything in her power to show her mother that’s she changed, including closing her successful hair salon and moving into Debra’s attic just to be closer to her children. But Debra says LiAnne hasn’t changed one bit. In fact, Debra claims LiAnne was evicted from all three of her hair salons and was even removed one time by the police, leaving her homeless. But that’s not all, Debra says LiAnne isn’t alone in her attic. Debra says LiAnne is living up there with her business partner, Shemelia, whom Debra accuses of destroying LiAnne’s life.

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          October 18, 2018

          Deconstructing Privilege

          Dr. Phil tackles a tough and highly-debated topic that needs to be discussed but no one wants to talk about it. The term “white privilege” is all over the news almost daily.

          So what does “white privilege” really mean? There seems to be a huge misconception that the term means all Caucasians are racist, which is not the case. No one questions whether it exists. But what are we supposed to do about it? Dr. Phil speaks with some of the foremost experts on this topic to discuss how we can be more socially proactive and what people on both sides of privilege can do to alleviate the problem. Plus, meet Rene, who claims she was wrongly accused of using her “white privilege” to harass a street vender. Find out what Rene says really happened, and how she claims the accusations have ruined her life. And meet Quevaughn, a 23-year-old legal assistant, who made headlines after he claims he was singled out and viciously attacked at a pizzeria.

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          October 17, 2018

          Being Gary Busey

          Actor Gary Busey has appeared in hundreds of movies and was nominated for an Academy Award for playing Buddy Holly in “The Buddy Holly Story.” But as his star continued to rise, so did his dangerous behavior.

          He made headlines for multiple arrests and a near-fatal motorcycle accident that caused a traumatic brain injury, leaving him known more for his off-camera antics than his blockbuster films. The actor is once again in the news with his new autobiography, Buseyisms: Gary Busey’s Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, where he shares his ups and downs of almost 50 years in Hollywood and surviving a drug overdose. In his book, Busey talks about how a man who called himself the “Devil” showed up at his door with a box and that led to his addiction. Find out what was in that little blue box. Plus, meet Busey’s doctor and find out what he says he discovered when he did a SPECT scan of the famous actor’s brain. Can this discovery explain Busey’s publicized erratic behavior?

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          October 16, 2018

          "Dr. Phil, Can You Save My Marriage?" and "The Dubrows on Diets, Date Nights, And 'OC' Disasters"

          In a matter of weeks, Marcea says her marriage to Dustin, whom she calls her “narcissistic, alcoholic, playboy husband,” will be over.

          Marcea claims Dustin was on a sugar daddy website looking for “discretion” and “friends with benefits,” paying college girls thousands of dollars for “unknown services.” If that wasn’t enough, Marcea claims he paid a ransom to prevent himself from being exposed. But, the divorce papers were not served by Marcea; they were served to Marcea by Dustin, who denies Marcea’s accusations and says he has had enough of Marcea’s controlling ways.

          Plus, from E!’s Botched and Heather Dubrow’s World podcast, Dr. Terry and Heather Dubrow share exciting details about their new book, The Dubrow Diet, which is based on the concept of interval eating, which they say allows you to lose weight and feel ageless.

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          October 12, 2018

          She Claims Her Husband Left Her for Two Weeks with No Money, No Food and No Car

          Lorreine emailed Dr. Phil claiming she is married to a controlling, vindictive narcissist. She claims her husband, Chance, keeps her from working and doesn’t give her spending money.

          She claims things got so bad, she had to live off of cans of veggies for two weeks — barely enough to feed her unborn baby which she eventually miscarried. Lorreine also claims he has beaten her in the back of her head with a closed fist, and he has been arrested multiple times for domestic abuse. But Chance says he doesn’t abuse people. He says it’s Lorreine who is always angry and childish, and she’s the one who was arrested just last month for scratching his face and leaving him a bloody mess. This couple wants to work things out, but will they take Dr. Phil’s advice? Plus, are you looking to buy a cute, little designer dog? Well, don’t. spcaLA president Madeline Bernstein explains where these innocent puppies come from.

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          October 11, 2018

          Assaults and Arrests: Troubled Teen Confronts Her Grandma

          Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Theresa, who claims her 16-year-old daughter, Tessa, is so out of control that she once violently attacked her 67-year-old grandmother, Bonnie, .

          Theresa also claims Tessa set the family home on fire numerous times, resulting in over 100 calls to the police and seven arrests. But Tessa says, she blames her mother for always putting men before her. Today, Tessa faces off with her family. What is next for Tessa?

          Watch part one here.

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          October 10, 2018

          Not So Sweet 16

          Theresa claims she has lost control of her 16-year-old daughter, Tessa.

          Theresa claims Tessa has set the house on fire, physically attacked her, and even launched a violent attack on her 67-year-old grandmother, Bonnie, repeatedly hitting her in the face and throwing rocks at her head. Theresa claims her home is a war zone, and the police are on speed dial, having been to the house over 100 times. Four months ago, Tessa left home, and her family says they haven’t seen her since. That was until Dr. Phil intervened and brought Tessa and her mother to L.A. Theresa’s sister, Tracey, says she believes much of her niece’s bad behavior falls on Theresa’s shoulders.

          Watch part two here.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a Volatile Teen, Parent or Sibling?

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          October 09, 2018

          Nurse Heather: Saving Lives and Slowly Killing Her Own?

          John says his wife, Heather, is one of the most brilliant nurses he has ever known — she even graduated valedictorian of her class in nursing school.

          But after suffering from extreme back pain, Heather admits she turned into a real-life “Nurse Jackie” and began to take pain meds … eventually stealing them from her job at the hospital. Now, John and Heather are both blaming each other for Heather’s inability to stop using and their constant, even sometimes physical, confrontations. Heather’s 18-year-old son, Cameron, begs his mother to get clean before she loses her career and her life. Also, Dr. Phil interviews New York Times best-selling author Mitch Albom about his latest book, The Next Person You Meet in Heaven.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Relative gone from big success to a total mess?

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          October 08, 2018

          Nanny Tell All: What’s Going on Behind Closed Doors?

          Valerie claims her 16-year-old daughter, Veronica, lies, breaks curfew and hangs with the “wrong crowd” and she’s afraid it could cause her to end up getting kidnapped — especially since she ran away once before for an entire week.


          Valerie admits she can’t always keep an eye on Veronica due to her hectic work schedule, and therefore, she has tried to make up for the guilt she says she feels for her absence by buying Veronica things, including Botox injections and lip fillers!  And, Dr. Phil hears from both a current and a former nanny who share their opinions of what they believe is truly going on in Valerie’s household.

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          October 05, 2018

          "My Ex-Husband Has Brainwashed Our Child Against Me!"

          Elizabeth claims her ex-husband, Brian, is an evil, manipulative liar who has brainwashed their son against her.

          She says her son is angry, defiant, and constantly begs her to go back to living with his father. Elizabeth claims Brian discusses their court appearances with their son and even told him she wanted to abort him. Elizabeth says she wouldn’t be surprised if Brian convinces their son to stab her in her sleep! Brian says he doesn’t need to brainwash their son because the boy can see for himself that his mother is a vindictive liar. According to Brian, Elizabeth is unfit and unstable and has tried to commit suicide three times. Brian claims the only reason Elizabeth has custody of their son is because she conspired with two of Brian’s ex-girlfriends to file false charges against him. Can Dr. Phil bring these warring exes together to co-parent?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Conflict so big it needs a Dr. Phil solution?

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          October 04, 2018

          From Christian Cheerleader to Car-Stealing Criminal: "What Happened to Our Daughter?"

          Jacquelyn and her husband, Jody, say their 21-year-old daughter, Hannah, is a former cheerleader and Sunday school student who was always a loving child.

          But, according to her parents, out-of-the-blue, at age 15, Hannah got in trouble with police for stealing a bottle of perfume. And since then, Jacquelyn claims her daughter has lived a life of crime, which includes a criminal record for stealing and crashing a car, possession of drugs and resisting arrest. They even suspect she has worked as an escort to support a lifestyle of constant partying, which Hannah denies. While Hannah admits she loves to party, she says her parents are way too strict, naive and Christian to understand anything about having fun. She claims she was always just a rebellious person and even manipulative — a trait she claims she learned from her mother!

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          October 03, 2018

          Once a Hotshot Rapper, Now Homeless, Addicted and Destroying His Family

          Stephanie says she dresses up like a homeless boy to blend in so she can search the streets for her homeless, heroin-addicted boyfriend, David, who goes by the name “2B”.

          Tina, “2B’s” mother, says her son was once a rising star musician with a record deal, but now, she doesn’t recognize him. “2B’s” half-sister, Alexis, says she has given up on him and wishes Tina and Stephanie would do the same, but Alexis claims the two women enable “2B.” Celebrity hair stylist/groomer and former addict Jason Schneidman meets with “2B” to give him a haircut and a pep talk, while Dr. Phil helps Tina and Stephanie see their contribution to “2B’s” addiction.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a family drama that needs Dr. Phil’s help?

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          October 02, 2018

          Russian Hackers or Lying Wife? Will Jennifer Finally Come Clean?

          Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Jennifer and her husband, Billy. She says their marriage is in shambles because her family has been targeted by “hackers” for the last year-and-a-half.

          But Billy says he has evidence that leads back to his wife’s phone, proving she is the hacker. Jennifer is adamant that someone else — an ex, a family member, Billy, even the Russians — could be responsible. But Dr. Phil says he doesn’t believe Jennifer, and he gives her chance after chance to come clean. You do not want to miss today’s show! Billy decides to walk out on the relationship, but on the way to the airport, Dr. Phil producers get a desperate call from Jennifer that changes everything. Find out why she asked for a third chance to talk to Dr. Phil.

          Watch part one here.

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          October 01, 2018

          “My Husband Thinks I’m Hacking Our Devices: Help Clear My Name!”

          Jennifer claims her family has been the victims of hackers for almost two years. The problem is her husband, Billy, thinks she is the hacker! Things have gotten so bad that Billy has asked for a divorce.

          Jennifer says he is so obsessed with the situation that he has lost weight and is about to lose the family auto business. But Billy says he just wants the truth. He claims Jennifer has admitted to hacking their phones and to being unfaithful. Jennifer says she only took the blame to end all arguments but instead, it made things worse. Jennifer says she wants to clear her name and save her marriage!

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Accusations causing a rift in your relationship?

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          September 28, 2018

          Arrests, Assaults, and Addiction: "My Family Needs to Get Over My Past"

          Alex’s family claims she had it all. Her mother Jane, and younger sisters, Victoria and Stephanie, say Alex was homecoming princess, a varsity cheerleader, and known as one of the prettiest, most popular girls in school.

          But they claim those glory days have since faded because now, Alex captures her small town’s attention with mugshots and headlines reporting her numerous arrests, including an arrest for assaulting her sister with a butcher knife. Her family says Alex is a drug addict and her behavior knows no bounds. Alex says her family needs to stop harping on things that she insists are old news because she is dedicated to turning her life around.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Relative gone from big success to a total mess?

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          November 26, 2018

          "It’s My Husband’s Fault Our Honor Roll Student Is on a Downward Spiral"

          Christa says she wrote into the show because she’s been in a divorce battle with her husband, John, for two years, and their 16-year-old son is well aware of the chaos in the household.

          Christa calls her soon-to-be ex a “pathological liar” and compares him to Ted Bundy. John calls Christa a “pill head” and “the devil.” Their son, Jake, says he prefers to play video games 24/7 to keep his mind from the family’s troubles. According to his parents, he’s currently refusing to go to school and band, went from honor roll to failing some classes, and is getting violent with his family. Christa confronts John about their opposing parenting styles and divorce drama in an attempt to secure a future for their teen before it’s too late.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Expolsive family drama?

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          September 26, 2018

          A Daughter Confronts Her Mother about Years of Living in Squalor: Will She Tell the Truth?

          In Part 2 of this mother-daughter showdown, Susan and Taylor get new information that sheds even more light on the living conditions of Susan’s former homes and the fallout for her young children. Susan says her needs to move on from the past.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Huge family drama?

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          September 25, 2018

          "My Abusive Mother is a Psychopathic Liar Holding My Younger Siblings Hostage in a Filthy Home"

          Dr. Phil often says, “People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.” Taylor wrote into the show claiming that her mother and siblings were living in horrendous conditions which included filth, feces, garbage, bugs, fleas, dirty mattresses and empty pantries.

          Taylor claims her mother is a “psychopathic liar,” an abuser, and has taken credit cards out in her daughter’s name, which her mother denies. Susan says she and her daughter once had a relationship people were jealous of until, according to Susan, an inappropriate Instagram post a year-and-a-half ago started their relationship in a downward spiral. Taylor says she wrote into the show as her last hope for her younger siblings ages 12 and 14 still living under the same roof as her mother. Watch what happens when mother and daughter face-off for the first time in a month.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Huge family drama?

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          September 24, 2018

          “Hot Pepper: My Jealous Wife Chased Me Down The Freeway" And “Married To Medicine”

          Chris says he has lived through 14 years of hell with his wife, Pepper, who he claims spies on him at work, chased him down the freeway at high speeds and even pulled out a gun and fired it into the floor during an argument.

          But Pepper says her husband is not an innocent victim and is a big part of the problem in their marriage. Pepper claims Chris has threatened to kill her and even punched her in the face during an argument. She says Chris constantly threatens to divorce her, but she wants to save her marriage. What does Dr. Phil have to say to this couple? Plus, meet another couple, Cecil and Dr. Simone, from Bravo TV’s popular reality show, “Married to Medicine.” Last season, the couple was at a crossroads in their marriage. Are they still having a hard time with past resentments? Plus find out the 14-day program Dr. Phil has for the couple. 

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Marriage on the rocks?

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