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          March 30, 2018

          "I Need to Help My Fiancée Who is Stranded in Amsterdam and Has Been Scammed by Corrupt Officials Costing Me $200,000"

          Dennis says he had pretty much given up on love until last October when he met the love of his life, his beautiful fiancée “Kimberly,” through a dating site.

          Dennis says it was the start of an amazing romance and he knew he had found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Dennis says “Kimberly” and her daughter left the U.S. on a business trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, where they were involved in a terrible car accident. He claims “Kimberly’s” passport expired while she was in the hospital and she ran into all kinds of problems in Johannesburg. Dennis claims when she finally left to return home, “Kimberly” made it to Istanbul then Amsterdam, where she was detained because of improper travel documentation and is currently stranded. Dennis says he has spent over $200,000 on his mission to get her home but he accuses corrupt overseas officials of scamming him. In a shocking twist, Dr. Phil reveals that the woman Dennis recognizes as “Kimberly” isn’t in Amsterdam she is in the studio and ready to meet Dennis for the first time.

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          March 29, 2018

          "My Sister and Brother-in-Law are Allowing their 15-Year-Old Son to Drop Out of School and Run the Household!"

          Angie and Hunter say they have given up on forcing their son, Rivers, to go to school.

          He’s now officially truant, and they are waiting for the courts to step in because they say the only way to get Rivers to school is with police escort. Rivers only wants to play music and video games, and he won’t follow any rules, according to his family. The parents say Rivers lashes out violently and verbally not only toward them, but his younger brothers as well. His Aunt Cindy wrote into the show saying she is concerned for the safety of her sister and the rest of the family. Both parents say they cannot enforce consequences on their son because of his fits of rage. They come together as a family to see how to regain control of Rivers and their lives.

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          March 28, 2018

          "My Wife Claims She is Allergic to Everything Including Intimacy with Me! It’s Destroying Our Marriage"

          Debbie claims she is allergic to almost everything, including her husband of 35 years, Kelly. Debbie admits to making her husband strip and shower to get rid of allergens the minute he steps into the house.

          She insists on taping up all the AC duct vents, she stores her clothes in sealed bags and washes their dishes in the swimming pool. Kelly says he has taken Debbie to over 28 doctors and spent over $40,000 on countless tests only to find Debbie is not allergic to anything. Kelly claims his wife’s obsessive behavior has completely devastated their marriage and family.

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          March 27, 2018

          “Our 48-Year-Old Son Claims We Fired Him 200 Times, Stole the Family Business and Turned Him into a Felon”

          Carrol and her husband, Frank, claim their 48-year-old son, Paul, is a manipulative liar who refuses to get a job and has stolen over $100,000 from them.

          They claim Paul has charged $10,000 worth of products to their Amazon account, forged almost $5,000 in checks, and tells them he is owed the $1 million they made from selling the family pet store. Paul admits stealing from his parents and says he won’t stop until he gets what’s “rightfully” his — money from the business he says they owe him. He says it’s his parents’ fault he can’t get a job because they have pressed “false” assault charges against him, and he is now considered a “violent felon.” Can Dr. Phil help get their family back on track before they are left penniless?

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          March 26, 2018

          "Help, Dr. Phil! My Father Has Extreme Munchausen and It’s Destroying the Entire Family"

          Carl, a former firefighter EMT, says he can’t seem to pick up the pieces after a tragic car accident 20 years ago that left one of his daughters dead and the other three heartbroken.

          His oldest daughter, Melody, wrote into the show claiming her father has “extreme Munchausen.” She says he recently told the family that he had four heart attacks in four days and his liver is dead from liver cancer. His youngest daughter, Hilary, says she is running ragged helping him the most with his ailments. Meanwhile, Heather, his middle daughter, says she has already put up some serious boundaries with her father. Carl’s sister, Teri, says she has also felt the fallout of Carl’s medical mayhem and she’s very concerned about her nieces. The family comes together to confront Carl and to see if they all can return to good health again.

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          March 23, 2018

          "Our Pregnant, Rageaholic, 18-Year-Old Daughter is Abusing Our Entire Family!"

          Stacey and Dan claim their 18-year-old daughter, Tylor, is a rageaholic who verbally, mentally and physically abuses their entire family.

          Stacey and Dan say they have called the police 30 times and have had Tylor arrested 10 times in the last two years. They say Tylor went to jail for seven months in January because she violated probation, and Stacey and Dan say their daughter’s behavior is now worse because she refuses to seek treatment for her diagnosed mental health disorders. Stacey and Dan say they need to get their daughter’s behavior under control as she is now 7 weeks pregnant! Tylor says her parents treat her like the black sheep of the family. She admits she has some anger issues, but says it’s actually her parents who are abusive. Stacey and Dan deny Tylor’s accusations and say Tylor is a liar and has a history of false reporting them to police and CPS. Tylor also accuses her parents of brainwashing her younger siblings to hate her. Can this family come together for the sake of Tylor’s unborn child?

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          March 22, 2018

          Partners in Crime: Two Teen Sisters are Confronted!

          Dr. Phil continues the conversation with frustrated parents Bill and Jen and their two teenage daughters, Meredith and Emma.

          Bill explains why he says he drove recklessly and tailgated a police car at high speed … on purpose! Plus, Emma and Meredith are sent off stage by Dr. Phil. Emotions and tempers run high as the parents have to make a difficult decision about their daughters’ futures. When Emma and Meredith are confronted with the reality of what is about to happen to them, neither of them wants to move forward and protest to the end.

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          March 21, 2018

          "We are Being Terrorized By Our Violent, Car-Stealing, Drug-Using Teen Daughters"

          Bill and Jen claim their life is a living hell because they live in terror of not one, but two teenage daughters: 18-year-old Emma and her 16-year-old sister, Meredith. 

          These frustrated parents claim the girls’ behavior includes physical violence, explosive fights, spitting in Bill’s face, joyriding, taking drugs, drinking and shoplifting. Jen claims in the last two months, Emma’s violent outbursts include punching her 65-year-old grandfather in the face and knocking his glasses off and getting in a vicious fight with her sister Meredith that resulted in injuries requiring emergency medical attention. Bill says he feels that he can’t punish or parent the girls because they call the police on him with allegations of domestic abuse. Meredith and Emma say their parents are controlling and manipulative. 

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          March 20, 2018

          Demi Lovato: Up Close and Personal

          In a revealing interview, pop icon Demi Lovato speaks out about her past struggles, her sobriety, and her fight to inspire and help her fans.

          And, Dr. Phil and Demi take part in her new project, bringing mental health awareness to people across the country.

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          March 19, 2018

          "My 16-Year-Old Daughter is Throwing House Parties and Posted a Racist Viral Video. She Got Kicked Out of School and I Kicked Her Out Too!"

          Alma wrote to the show begging for help because she says her 16-year-old daughter, Emmy, is acting like a wild child: throwing house parties, stealing, drinking, smoking marijuana, and getting kicked out of two schools in two years.

          But Alma says the worst offense was when Emmy posted a video online wearing blackface that went viral. According to Alma, the post resulted in Emmy receiving death threats, being asked to leave school early, and Emmy leaving the country until things calmed down. Alma says her daughter has been on a downward spiral since puberty and has ruined Alma’s life and relationships. However, there’s more to this family discord than Emmy’s fight for her right to party. Dr. Phil also hears from Alma’s sister, Anna. She says the real problem with this family has more to do with Alma’s drinking than Emmy’s teenage rebellion.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a Volatile Teen, Parent or Sibling?

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          March 16, 2018

          "My Wife of 18 Years and Mother of Our Four Children is Divorcing Me for a 26-Year-Old Kenyan Man She’s Never Met!"

          Keith says his wife of 18 years, Sarah, is abandoning him and their four children for a man she met on the internet. But that’s not all — Sarah says she’s divorcing her husband for a 26-year-old pastor named “Kevin,” who lives in Kenya and whom she has never met in person.

          Sarah says she’s madly in love with Kevin and plans to marry him as soon as possible. She says she has started the divorce process from Keith and will leave to Kenya in February when she receives her tax return. Keith and the rest of Sarah’s family say they are terrified Sarah is being scammed. They worry if she goes to Kenya, she will end up dead or sold into sex trafficking. Is Kevin real? Is Sarah being scammed? Dr. Phil sent a team to Kenya to investigate. You won’t want to miss what they discover!

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          March 15, 2018

          "My Daughter and Son-In-Law Won’t Let Me See My Grandchildren until I Get a Psych Evaluation. I Want It From You, Dr. Phil!"

          Susan emailed Dr. Phil claiming she’s at war with her son-in-law, David, and daughter, Bekah. Susan says she’s not sure why she’s not allowed to see her grandchildren.

          Susan claims Bekah has blamed her “sinful behavior.” According to Susan, her daughter has told her that she thinks she’s a danger to her children’s souls. Susan also claims Bekah and David have diagnosed her with a personality disorder. She says they have told her that she needs to go to a psychiatrist and get treated. But Bekah says her mother knows good and well it was her “sinful behavior” that got her removed from their lives. Bekah claims her mother is unstable and even discharged a firearm in her own home. Can Susan mend things with her daughter and son-in-law, and will she ever see grandchildren again?

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          March 14, 2018

          What Actor Terry Crews Confessed To His Wife, The #MeToo Movement and Being Accountable & “My Stalker Ex Hired a Private Investigator to Follow Me”

          Actor Terry Crews made headlines in the #MeToo movement after he publicly accused a high-level Hollywood executive of sexual assault. He was even named a Time magazine 2017 “Person of the Year.” But what many people may not know is that Terry Crews, who stars as Sergeant Terry Jeffords in the Golden Globe award-winning sitcom “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” is also an artist, former NFL player, author and husband of 28 years to his wife, Rebecca, and father of their five children. Almost seven years ago, the actor’s wife says they had a “come to Jesus” moment that almost ended their marriage. Find out what Terry revealed to her that almost led to divorce. Plus, Terry and Rebecca talk to another couple who are trying to overcome problems in their relationship.

          Nicole says her boyfriend and father of their children, Jay, is controlling and constantly accuses her of being unfaithful. Nicole claims Jay drives by her house every night to see if she is home, has hired a PI to follow her and even put a tracking device in her phone. Find out why Jay says he is convinced that Nicole is having an affair and who he claims she is cheating with. But that’s not all, Nicole says Jay is even brainwashing their 17-year-old son and poisoning him against her. Despite their problems, Jay and Nicole say they want to save their relationship. Find out what Dr. Phil has to say to this couple.

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          March 13, 2018

          "We Want to Evict Our Violent Mooching Son"; Will Kyle Move Out?

          Yesterday, Dr. Phil spoke with Karen and Jim who claim they are desperate to remove their violent and mooching 31-year-old son, Kyle, from their home. Kyle gave reason after reason why he felt his parents were at fault for his financial situation.

          Today, Dr. Phil enlists the help of the star of the popular TV show, “Bar Rescue,” Jon Taffer, to offer advice to Kyle and his parents. Taffer has written a new book, “Don’t ******** Yourself, Crush The Excuses That Are Holding You Back”, and shares with Kyle and his parents the secrets to overcoming the excuses that keep people from being successful. Will Kyle listen to Dr. Phil and Jon Taffer? Will he finally move out of his parents’ house?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: At odds with a family member?

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          March 12, 2018

          "Our 31-Year-Old Son Is a Violent Mooch and Refuses to Move Out of Our House"

          Karen and Jim claim they are desperate to remove their violent and mooching 31-year-old son, Kyle, from their home. They claim they have filed a restraining order against him and even had him arrested for criminal trespassing, but say Kyle is still in their home.

          The parents say Kyle depends on them for all his basic needs, and they claim he wants them to provide him with more money, a car, and financial help. Karen and Jim also claim Kyle has physically assaulted both of them, leaving them bruised, and Kyle has been arrested and served time behind bars on multiple occasions. Kyle says his parents are to blame for his financial situation and, as parents, should be doing more to help him get on his own two feet, instead of keeping him in the hole he says they helped put him in.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a Volatile Child, Parent or Sibling?

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          March 09, 2018

          “I Lost 300 Lbs and Men Think I’m Hot but My Fiancé Says I’m Not”

          Debbie tipped the scale at 450 pounds but two years ago, she underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost more than 300 pounds! 

          You would think she would be overjoyed at her incredible weight loss, but Debbie says she just can’t stop seeing herself as disgusting, especially because she is carrying around an extra 30 pounds of loose skin. To make matters worse, Debbie says her fiancé, James, doesn’t help with her self-esteem because she says he’s very controlling and jealous.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Betrayed by a loved one?

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          March 08, 2018

          Critical Crossfire: “My Husband’s Ex-Wife Accused Me of Poisoning and Kidnapping Her Son”

          Marla and Marty went through a bitter divorce in 2013. Marty then married Jennifer, and a shared parenting plan was eventually finalized between Marty and Marla that clearly stated that “neither party shall annoy, molest, interfere with or harass the other in any manner, either directly or indirectly.”

          The police have reportedly been called over 100 times to address alleged breaches of the parenting agreement, and Marty and Marla’s child is caught in the crossfire. According to Jennifer, Marla called the police claiming that Jennifer had poisoned her 10-year-old son,David, and also accused her of kidnapping him, which Jennifer adamantly denies. Who is at fault here? One thing is for sure: the child is paying the price for this parenting drama.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Huge family drama?

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          March 07, 2018

          "Our Mother is a Gold Digger Who Chose Her Boyfriend over Us"

          Sadie, Skylar and Zoe claim their mother, Niki, has neglected them and jumped from guy to guy since their parents divorced, which she denies. Now, they claim she has chosen her boyfriend of seven months, John, over them, because they say he has status and wealth.

          The siblings say their mother is a “gold digger” who always ditches them to spend time with her boyfriend or forces them to go to his house in order to see her. But Niki says she has not turned her back on her daughters and is pointing the finger at her ex-husband, Marcus, who she says has alienated their daughters from her and filled their heads with lies. Marcus says he is fed up with how Niki is treating their daughters and recently filed for full custody without Niki’s knowledge. How will Niki react when she finds out that Marcus filed for full custody? The family also met with Transformational Coach Lisa Nichols before the show, where Niki revealed a secret. Find out the secret, and see how her daughters react? Hear Dr. Phil’s advice for this family.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have family drama that needs that help?

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          March 06, 2018

          Anthony Scaramucci and Wife Deidre Reveal How Their Marriage Survived 11 Days in the White House & "My Sister and Her Ex-Husband Need a Referee or Someone is Going to Get Hurt"

          Last year, Anthony, “The Mooch,” Scaramucci became a household name when President Trump named him the White House Communications Director. But after 11 days on the job, Anthony was fired and kicked to the curb.

          Anthony shares with Dr. Phil how in that short amount of time in Washington, he managed to shake up not only the White House but his own house, too, when his wife, Deidre, filed for divorce. For the first time ever, Deidre tells Dr. Phil why she decided not to go through with the divorce. And later in the show, Anthony helps Dr. Phil with exes, Kevin and Jana, who are at war and won’t stop putting their children in the middle of their battlefield.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a story in the news?

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