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          August 24, 2018

          "My Husband is a Sex Addict and Even Exposed Himself to My Mother. I Need the Whole Truth!"

          Whitney emailed Dr. Phil asking for guidance. She says she wasted years with someone who she thought was the love of her life.

          Whitney has been with her husband and high school sweetheart, Adam, since she was 16 years old, and they have three adorable children, but Adam admits he is “living a double life.” Just a few months ago, Whitney says she uncovered a web of nasty lies and infidelities. She says Adam has cheated on her numerous times, including with a girl from college, women from work and massage therapists, and that he has even exposed himself to her own mother 10 times! Whitney says she’s heartbroken because there’s no way to fix her relationship with her husband. Can Dr. Phil help move their marriage in the right direction, or is it time for Whitney to walk away from Adam once and for all?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Betrayed by a loved one?

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          August 23, 2018

          "Enough is Enough! My College Dropout Daughter Needs To Grow Up!"

          Michele says she had no idea that after her daughter, Stephanie, dropped out of college she would still be financially supporting her nine years later, preventing her from exploring her own passions like living in Hawaii and studying marine biology.

          Stephanie says that even though her mother allows her to live at home and mostly pays for everything – including the boxed wines she drinks daily – she is overbearing, suffocating and even calls her names like “useless” and a “worthless waste of a life.” Stephanie says in order to get sober, she must figure out a way to escape the co-dependent and toxic relationship she has with her mother who she gets into blow-up arguments with daily.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Bad mother/daughter relationship?

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          August 22, 2018

          Dennis’ Daughter From a Secret Affair Confronts Him

          Amanda claims her father, Dennis, is a controlling sexist who has broken the hearts of all the women he’s been involved with, including her mom, Michelle, and his girlfriend, Melissa. But 27 years ago, Dennis had an affair before he married his wife, Michelle.

          Ten years ago, Dennis found out that his affair produced a daughter, Kaley. Kaley found her dad on Facebook and had great expectations of meeting the father she’s always wanted, but she says meeting Dennis turned into one big disappointment, and today, she wants to tell him that he hurt her, too. Will Dennis make amends?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Ready to confront someone?

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          August 21, 2018

          The Daughter, The Girlfriend and the Wife: “We Want to Confront The Man in Our Life”

          Four women have one man in common: Dennis. His daughter Amanda claims he is a master manipulator; his wife, Michelle, says she’s tired of his womanizing; his girlfriend, Melissa, says she believes he is the most loyal man ever and she wants to marry him, and Dennis’ long-lost daughter, Kaley, who is the product of an affair.

          Amanda says she has an agenda: get her father to sign divorce papers for her mother, Michelle; make sure her father doesn’t marry Melissa; and for her half-sister, Kaley, to get some closure from her father. Will Amanda’s plan for her father come to fruition?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Ready to confront someone?

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          August 20, 2018

          "Help! My 21-Year-Old Daughter is a Homeless Escort Neglecting Her Son"

          Twenty-one-year-old Ivey admits the only “job” she’s ever had has been working as an escort, which she claims she is only doing until she can afford a stable home for her and her 4-year-old son.

          Ivey says when her mother, Faith, found out she was working as an escort over two years ago, she put her things on the porch of their home and told her she had to leave – but without her son. Since then, Ivey has moved from house to house and stayed in various hotels where she meets her clients. Faith says she’s desperate for her daughter to get out of this dangerous lifestyle and step-up and stop being a deadbeat mother. According to Faith, a pimp just recently threw Ivey out of a hotel where she was staying last month. That’s when Ivey moved in with her best friend, Olivia, who says she has watched what she calls Faith’s out-of-control parenting for years and believes Faith is to blame for Ivey not having a sense of right and wrong.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: At odds with a family member?

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          August 17, 2018

          "My 15-Year-Old Daughter is a Rich and Spoiled Beverly Hills Brat!"

          Nina says even after she lowered her 15-year-old daughter, Nicolette’s, monthly allowance from $5,000 to $1,000, Nicolette is still overspending on her credit cards in order to keep up with teens in their hometown of Beverly Hills.

          Nina says she recently allowed a family friend, Joel, to move into her home so he could help chauffeur Nicolette around and watch her spending. Nicolette admits to spending her day having lunch in Beverly Hills, shopping and making YouTube videos. Nina and Joel say they worry about Nicolette, who admits to having zero future goals except to not work, be rich, wear designer clothes and drive a Mercedes G-Wagen. Dr. Phil surprises Nicolette, her mother, and Joel by sending Nicolette on a special assignment near Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles a few days prior to taping “Dr. Phil.”

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Know someone with outrageous behavior?

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          August 16, 2018

          "My Destructive and Angry Teen Daughter Blames Me after I Left Her Father for His Best Friend!"

          Raegon and Steve claim their 17-year- old daughter, Maya, has become a belligerent, violent, pot smoking, school-skipping teen who is spiraling out of control.

          They say Maya’s downward spiral started five years ago when she caught Raegon cheating with Steve’s best friend, the man his children called “Uncle Craig.” They say Maya is not only acting out but has given her mother an ultimatum: Craig or her children. Maya says Craig is an “evil parasite” who “wrecked” her family and she will do anything to make his life a living hell. Craig says it’s not his fault he fell in love, and then moved in with his best friend’s wife. He says Maya needs to stop blaming him for her destructive behavior and take accountability for her actions. Can Dr. Phil bring this family together? 


          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Explosive family drama?

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          August 15, 2018

          “I Shot My Lying, Cheating, Manipulative, Narcissistic, Millionaire Boyfriend and Now I Want to Marry Him”

          Two years ago, Maryann met Luis on a dating site. She says five days after their first date, he professed his love to her, and they began planning a wedding.

          She says he told her he was a single millionaire and could give her anything she wanted. But Maryann claims her fairy-tale romance turned into a full-blown nightmare six months later when she discovered Luis was a married man cheating with multiple women. So on one rainy night just over a year ago, Maryann says she snapped and shot her “lying, married, manipulative, narcissistic boyfriend” in the leg. The wedding is still on, even though Luis is scarred and will be limping for the rest of life. Luis and Maryann want Dr. Phil to tell them if it’s a good idea to walk down the aisle, or if they should split up for good?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Life in crisis?

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          August 14, 2018

          “My Daughter is Being Brainwashed by a Psychic and I think He is a Con Artist”

          Kristine claims her daughter Shaina is a neglectful mother to her three young children and says she had no choice but to involve Family Services when she learned her grandson not only set fire to the kitchen while Shaina slept, but also fell out of his second-story bedroom window.

          Kristine claims her vindictive daughter is delusional claiming that she can see fairies and is a reincarnation of Pocahontas. Kristine says there is no doubt in her mind that her daughter is mentally ill and a danger to her children. But that’s not all. Kristine claims her daughter is also addicted to psychics, specifically, an online medium named Dennis. Kristine says he proclaims to be “God’s Messenger,” and Shaina has followed the messages from Dennis’ guiding “spirit” to the letter. Shaina says she is a good mother and says Dennis is 100 percent genuine and there’s no doubt he is God’s messenger. She also says her mother blows everything out of proportion, is constantly interfering and it needs to stop.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have family drama that needs that help?

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          August 13, 2018

          “My Sister is Facing Multiple Felonies and Losing Custody of Her Children, but She Claims She’s the Victim”

          Ryann claims her sister, Stephanie, is unstable and that her delusional and paranoid behavior is ruining her life and causing her to be a danger to herself and her children.

          Ryann and mother, Jode, claim Stephanie’s destructive behavior — being arrested for allegedly stealing a car and over 100 keys from a car dealership, being arrested for allegedly resisting arrest, and saying she believes the Italian Mafia is protecting her from stalkers — may be a result of drug addiction, mental illness, or both. Stephanie says she is only speaking with Dr. Phil to vindicate herself from her family’s ridiculous opinions and is tired of being judged because she is so pretty and smart. But how will Stephanie react when she learns her mother was just awarded temporary guardianship of her daughter?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Know someone with outrageous behavior?

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          August 10, 2018

          “Our 15-Year-Old Criminal Daughter is Ruining Her Life and Our Marriage!”

          Fifteen-year-old Sadara, who has been arrested multiple times, is not in school, smokes, drinks, has stolen cars, and even stole a safe full of family valuables worth $30,000.  

          Sadara says she gets an adrenaline rush from her life of crime. Her parents, Cynthia and Robert, are currently separated in part because they are at odds over how to parent Sadara, who was just released from a juvenile facility for violating probation. Sadara says she grew up having a painful childhood. She claims she was excited at first when her mother’s husband, Robert, stepped in and then adopted her, but claims he went too far with his discipline — spanking her bottom, cutting her hair, and chaining her ankles with padlocks. But Robert believes he can do a better job of parenting than Cynthia, who he says allows their daughter to get away with far too much. Can Cynthia get back the little girl she used to have before she became a 15-year-old burglar, runaway, and high school dropout? Find out what Sadara says she would like to see happen at home in order to try and avoid a life of prison.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a Volatile Child, Parent or Sibling?

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          August 09, 2018

          Raging, Drunk and Out of Control: Will Brandi Ever Tell the Truth?

          Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Brandi and Victor regarding their wild relationship and Brandi’s alleged
          drinking problem.

          Brandi refuses to admit any issues with alcohol, even after it is revealed that she was too drunk to film her interview with
          Dr. Phil staff in Los Angeles! Victor explains the devastating effects Brandi’s drinking has had on their 11-year-old son. Plus
          Brandi’s mother, Stephanie, joins the show to discuss Brandi’s drinking and out-of-control behavior. Stephanie says she had no
          choice but to kick Brandi out of her home after she claims Brandi pulled out her hair and slapped her fiancé. Brandi protests
          until the end, claiming her mother is a “nut” with a “sick vendetta” against her.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Ready to confront someone?

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          August 08, 2018

          “My Ex-Husband is Jealous, Controlling and Poisoning My Family Against Me, But I Still Want Him Back!”

          Brandi says she is seeking Dr. Phil’s help to get back together with her ex-husband, Victor.
          Brandi admits to multiple affairs while being married to Victor and claims Victor cheated on her throughout their marriage.

          After discovering Victor was still in contact with his ex-wife, Brandi took a hammer to Victor’s music studio and caused $40,000 in damage!
          In January, an altercation with Victor led to Brandi’s nose being broken but Brandi was arrested for assault and child endangerment. Brandi
          has not seen Victor or their 11-year-old son since this event. Victor claims the real problem in his relationship with Brandi is that she is
          an out of control alcoholic. Victor claims Brandi is drunk every single day and has been drunk and violent in front of their 11-year-old son
          on numerous occasions. In the last 10 years, Victor claims Brandi has been arrested at least 12 times and received 3 DWIs. Victor believes
          every arrest was due to Brandi’s drinking problem, including her latest arrest for shooting up the bedroom of a man she was dating with a
          .38 revolver. But Brandi says she is not an alcoholic, just “an excessive person.” Does Brandi have a drinking problem? Is Brandi and Victor’s
          relationship beyond repair?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have family drama that needs that help?

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          August 07, 2018

          “My Sister Drove From Canada to Mexico Searching for the Ex-Lover She Claims Sends Her Secret Messages via Songs on The Radio”

          Sheila says that when the love of her life, Simon, said goodbye, he claimed he was going away for a few days but promised to return with flowers in a limousine. Simon never returned.

          Sheila claims that before Simon left, he programmed and bugged the radio stations in her car and her iPod so he could send her messages and clues as to his whereabouts via song titles and lyrics. Those “clues” set her off on a 80,000-mile road trip across Canada, America, and Mexico to find Simon. Sheila’s brother Curtis and her best friend, Leigh-Ann, claim she is delusional, mentally unstable and putting herself in danger searching for Simon, whom Sheila calls her “magical wizard with special powers.” But when Dr. Phil reunites Sheila with Simon, he tells a very different story.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Know someone with outrageous behavior?

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          August 06, 2018

          A Daughter’s Suicide; Parents Grieving, Her Law Student Boyfriend Falsely Accused?

          On October 29, 2016, college student Samantha committed suicide by hanging herself in the carport of the house she shared with her law student boyfriend Jonathon.

          Her stepmother, Katie, and father, Dan, accuse Jonathon of not only being emotionally and verbally abusive toward Samantha, but also blame him for their daughter taking her own life — all of which Jonathon adamantly denies. Does Jonathon have any ownership in Samantha’s tragic death?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: I’m living a nightmare!

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          August 03, 2018

          40 Trips to the ER, 27 Doctors and 50 Christmas Trees. "My Daughter is a Hypochondriac and a Hoarder!"

          Kelly claims in the last year, her daughter, Danielle, changed from a vibrant young woman to a health-obsessed hypochondriac and a hoarder.

          Kelly says Danielle spends all day monitoring her vitals, going to doctors and buying thousands of dollars’ worth of useless junk, including, most recently, 50 artificial Christmas trees. Danielle claims she changed almost overnight and now has such debilitating panic attacks, that she was rushed to the ER 40 times in the last year alone! Currently, Danielle says she can’t drive, can’t work, and can’t even take care of her children by herself. Danielle says she’s seen 27 doctors and finds it unacceptable that they keep throwing all of her issues under the umbrella of anxiety. Danielle says she knows something is seriously wrong with her — but Kelly says she believes all of her daughter’s problems are in her head. So is Danielle really sick? Have doctors just missed the underlying cause of all her problems?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a family drama that needs Dr. Phil’s help?

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          August 02, 2018

          "My Mooching Mom Has Cost Me $100K and Needs to Get Out of My House!"

          Aja says she is sick and tired of taking care of her ungrateful, entitled, drug addict mother, Janet.

          Aja says she has allowed her mom to live with her for eight of the 10 years of her marriage. Aja claims she’s spent $100,000 taking care of her mom and that she does absolutely everything for her without any appreciation. Janet rejects Aja’s claim that she is somehow taking advantage of Aja. She says she pays rent, regularly goes to Narcotics Anonymous, so what else does Aja want from her? Aja says she’s glad her mom has made improvements, but it doesn’t make up for her and her older sister, Ashley’s, neglected childhood. Aja claims they were put in constant danger and surrounded by violent criminals and firearms. But Janet says, “I think my past drug addiction has made my girls the women they are today.” Will Aja finally give her mother the boot? Can this family possibly come together after years of animosity? Find out!

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Is your family a stressed mess?

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          August 01, 2018

          "Starting Fires, Killing Cats, Torturing Her Brother. I’m Afraid of My 11-Year-Old Daughter"

          From the outside, Tina says her 11-year-old daughter appears like a sweet, innocent girl, but Tina claims she’s actually a dangerous killer.

          Tina claims her daughter has started fires in the house, killed a cat, and even tried to smother her baby brother. Tina claims she doesn’t know where her daughter’s extreme behavior comes from, but Tina’s cousin Colleen says it’s Tina fault, and she’s in denial. Does Dr. Phil agree with Colleen, or is there another reason for the 11-year-old’s behavior?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a Volatile Child, Parent or Sibling?

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          July 31, 2018

          "My First Face-To-Face Meeting with The Girl Who is Obsessed and in Love With Me Online"

          On Monday’s episode, viewers met 21-year-old Bailey who says she has the greatest love story of the century.

          She says she met Jasmine on social media eight months ago and that it was love at first post. She says they’ve been communicating day and night but have never spoken on the phone and have never met. When Dr. Phil first tried to talk to Bailey, she became insistent that her mother, Ericka, not participate in the show, and Dr. Phil asked her to leave the stage. Bailey decided to come back to tell Dr. Phil she wants to meet Jasmine for the first time because she has something important to tell her. Will Dr. Phil allow Bailey to meet the target of her obsession?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Is Dr. Phil your only hope?

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          July 30, 2018

          "I'm in Love with Someone From My Social Media Whom I've Never Met"

          Twenty-one-year-old Bailey says eight months ago, she “liked” a tweet from a complete stranger and it was love at first post.

          Bailey says their relationship is like no other love story you’ve ever heard, but the shocking thing is this stranger has never met Bailey, and she wants her to stop sending thousands of messages professing her love. Bailey’s mom, Ericka, says she’s lost her daughter to this fixation she has with this stranger, and she wants her daughter back. When Bailey finds out she will be sharing the stage with her mom, Bailey storms off because she says she hates her mom. Will she come back and talk to Dr. Phil?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Know someone with outrageous behavior?

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