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          November 29, 2018

          "Dr. Phil: Should I Divorce My Narcissistic, Angry Husband?"

          Jenn claims her husband, Seth’s, anger is out of control and destroying their marriage.

          Jenn says when she met Seth, her friends warned her about him, but she thought she could change him. It’s been 17 years, and Jenn claims Seth has charged at her with his fists in the air screaming, told their 6-year-old daughter that “Daddy is miserable,” and threatened to hit their 16-year-old son. Seth says when he gets verbally abusive, Jenn throws it right back at him. He says his wife is a hurtful, controlling, conniving woman, and he feels trapped in their marriage. Jenn’s mother says she is afraid of her son-in-law when he rages and has even had to call the police on Seth.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Marriage on the rocks?

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          November 28, 2018

          Bad Parenting or Bad Teen? Who’s Really to Blame?

          BeVee and Steve say they are on constant high alert as they never know when their 15-year-old daughter, Taylor, will be triggered into a violent outburst.

          They say these outbursts are like uncaging a rabid animal, as Taylor will sometimes punch holes in walls and hit her mother. Taylor says she has absolutely no control over her outbursts and blames her parents, particularly her mother, for much of her violent behavior. Taylor says BeVee is her “trigger” and that if her mother left her alone, she wouldn’t be so mad all the time. BeVee and Steve say things are currently so bad that they are terrified any form of punishment may send their daughter spiraling. Steve says right now, his only option is to physically restrain Taylor, and admits to one time resorting to hitting her with a belt! These parents wonder if maybe they are doing something wrong and contributing to this house of chaos. Dr. Phil weighs in — don’t miss it!

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a Volatile Teen, Parent or Sibling?

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          November 27, 2018

          "My Wife Cannot Stop Being Unfaithful and It is Destroying Our Family"

          Angela and her husband, Dan, say for years they have always seemed to be the picture-perfect couple.

          They have four beautiful daughters and say they are prominent members of their church. Angela even once was a pre-school teacher and kept fit with personal trainers, and they had a beautiful house and a nanny. But they say what their friends, neighbors, and church congregation didn’t know was that Angela had a secret. Angela says she can’t stop being unfaithful to her husband, claiming to have cheated with nearly 20 different men. Angela says she feels awful about her numerous extramarital affairs, but claims because of a “sex addiction,” she just can’t stop being unfaithful.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Marriage on the rocks?

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          November 26, 2018

          "It’s My Husband’s Fault Our Honor Roll Student Is on a Downward Spiral"

          Christa says she wrote into the show because she’s been in a divorce battle with her husband, John, for two years, and their 16-year-old son is well aware of the chaos in the household.

          Christa calls her soon-to-be ex a “pathological liar” and compares him to Ted Bundy. John calls Christa a “pill head” and “the devil.” Their son, Jake, says he prefers to play video games 24/7 to keep his mind from the family’s troubles. According to his parents, he’s currently refusing to go to school and band, went from honor roll to failing some classes, and is getting violent with his family. Christa confronts John about their opposing parenting styles and divorce drama in an attempt to secure a future for their teen before it’s too late.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Expolsive family drama?

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          November 23, 2018

          “My Wife is Married to Another Man and Now Has a New Boyfriend”

          Former radio host Charles says he will stop at nothing to save his marriage to Sally — but Sally is still married to another man.

          Charles says Sally has left him 19 times throughout their 12-year relationship. However, this time he fears she’s dead serious. After a huge fight recently, Charles says his heart was so broken, he ended up in the back of an ambulance and was hospitalized. Charles claims that once his ‘celeb’ radio lifestyle and $1.5 million dollar inheritance dried up, so did Sally’s love. Sally says she’s done with Charles, and he needs to quit being a drama queen and move on because she has — so much so that Sally is already dating another man who meets Charles for the first time.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: At your final breaking point?

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          November 22, 2018

          Self-Help Author Can’t Help Himself: Locked in a Room with Baseball Bats Afraid of Violent Sons

          From the outside, Xavier and Melissa’s family of five once appeared to have it all: European vacations and a nice home, until it ended in divorce eight years ago.

          Now, their two oldest sons, 23-year-old Jonas and 21-year-old Tristan, live with Xavier who claims the boys are entitled, violent, and combative pot smokers who can’t survive without their dad and mom’s help. Xavier says he’s frustrated and living a life of hypocrisy because he’s the author of a self-help book which promotes living a life with “greater success and happiness.” So why is this self-help author locked up in his bedroom all day and night armed with three baseball bats for protection? Dr. Phil finds out why he’s so afraid of his two sons.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a Volatile Teen, Parent or Sibling?

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          November 21, 2018

          Actress Daughter Confronts Hoarder Mother on Eve of Eviction

          Tracy is a successful, working actress who has appeared on many daytime soap operas including The Bold and The Beautiful and The Young and The Restless.

          She wrote into the show urgently seeking Dr. Phil’s help for her real-life drama of her hoarding 71-year-old-mother, Robin, who could be evicted from her home at any minute. Tracy claims her mother’s homes have always been filled with filth, chaos, and animals, and she’s never taken responsibility for the conditions Tracy lived in growing up. Tracy says she feels like the child of a drug addict, except the drug is hoarding, and she’s looking for Dr. Phil’s help to truly change her mom’s behavior before she’s back in another house of filth again. Robin says she knows she needs help with her hoarding, but the idea of getting rid of her possessions gives her anxiety. She says she’s ready to fix herself with the help of Dr. Phil, and this show is an answer to her prayers.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a family drama that needs Dr. Phil’s help?

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          November 20, 2018

          Exes at War: Who’s Behind the CPS Reports? And Charlamagne Tha God’s Blueprint for Beating Fear and Anxiety

          Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Bronwyn, who claims half-a-dozen sheriffs showed up to her 4-year-old daughter’s daycare, along with her daughter’s biological father, Brett, and stole her little girl away from her and her boyfriend, Justin.

          The police had an emergency child pick-up order that Bronwyn and Justin claim they knew nothing about. The little girl was handed to Brett and his girlfriend, Sarah, who the child had never met, and that’s when Bronwyn says this nasty custody battle exploded. There have been numerous allegations of child neglect, mental illness, substance abuse and even sexual assault. Bronwyn and Brett have thousands of pages of evidence claiming the other parent is unfit, combined have spent over $120,000 in legal fees in the last two years to battle each other in court, and there’s still no end in sight. You’ll never believe what happened next!

          Plus, Charlamagne Tha God is known for asking tough questions as one of the co-hosts of the nationally syndicated iHeartRadio program, “The Breakfast Club.” Charlamagne, along with DJ Envy and Angela Yee, have interviewed everyone from Kayne West to Jennifer Lopez, and even Dr. Phil. Charlamagne Tha God is also a New York Times best-selling author and recently released his second book, Shook One. In his book, he talks about being plagued by anxieties – fear of being weak, fear of being a bad dad and fear of failure. He also details the way anxiety has been a driving force in his life.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Dealing with extreme conflict?

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          November 19, 2018

          Exes at War: Bruises, CPS Reports, and Allegations of Abuse

          Bronwyn emailed Dr. Phil claiming her daughter has been “stolen” from her. She claims a man she hooked up with a few times, Brett, and her mother, Cassandra, have teamed up to destroy her.

          But her ex says Bronwyn is a plague to people’s lives, and he claims she has a long history of crime, mental illness, child endangerment and parental kidnapping. But Bronwyn claims it’s Brett who is abusing their 5-year-old daughter by putting her in the middle. She claims he and her mother have come up with so many outlandish lies against her that CPS knows her on a first-name basis. Can Dr. Phil help Brett and Bronwyn get on the same page and start looking out for the best interest of their child?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Explosive family drama?

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          November 16, 2018

          A Catfish Meets Her Victim

          Alan’s social media pictures have been used for years as catfish bait to lure women into online relationships.

          The catfish has been caught and “he” is really a “she” – 24-year-old Sarah. Sarah’s boyfriend, “Ken,” says he had no idea she was conning so many women for so many years. Sarah meets her bait, and Dr. Phil uncovers why Sarah says she has been pretending to be a man online for so long. Amanda and Alan claim Sarah is addicted to catfishing and really good at lying, and say they don’t believe she will ever stop. Can Sarah stop the con?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Know someone with outrageous behavior?

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          November 15, 2018

          “My Husband’s Face Has Been Used as Catfish Bait”

          Alan and Amanda say for the past seven years, Alan’s pictures from social media have been used as catfish bait to lure women into online relationships.

          Several of the victims of this catfish reached out to Amanda and Alan warning them, but Amanda says it got scary when she learned one of the victims received interior and exterior pictures of Amanda and Alan’s home. With the help of a private investigator, Alan and Amanda discovered the catfish wasn’t a man after all — but a 24-year-old woman with a boyfriend, who says he had no idea she was living this secret online life. Dr. Phil discovers this isn’t the first time this catfish has been caught.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Ready to confront someone?

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          November 14, 2018

          Witness to Murder

          As a young boy, 11-year-old Collier Landry heard his father murder his mother in the dead of night.

          The only witnesses were Collier and his little sister, who claimed she saw, “Daddy hit Mommy and wrap her up like a snowman.” Their father, Dr. John Boyle’s, murder trial was the trial of the decade — a pregnant mistress, a secret house, a body buried under the floorboards, and a key witness, Collier, who faced his father and helped put him behind bars. Now, more than two decades after the notorious murder, Collier is confronting his father to get answers about his mother’s death. Collier speaks out in an exclusive interview.

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          March 22, 2019

          Dad Confronts Daughter’s Abuser

          Dr. Phil continues his conversation with D’Andre, who claims that his abusive relationship with his girlfriend, Autumn, is partly due to what he calls her “messed up” upbringing.

          And, hear what D’Andre says about violating the restraining order that Autumn has against him. Plus, psychiatrist and member of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board Dr. Charles Sophy weighs in. Find out why he says he believes Autumn’s parents are partly responsible for her constantly running to D’Andre.   

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Ready to confront someone?

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          March 21, 2019

          Arrested for Keying Ex-Boyfriend’s Car

          Autumn says she was called a “crazy, jealous girlfriend” after a video of her keying her ex-boyfriend’s car went viral.

          But Autumn claims she was pushed to the point of insanity after being stuck in a cycle of abuse for almost two years, where she claims her ex-boyfriend, D’Andre, choked her, head-butted her and sexually assaulted her– but, D’Andre denies sexually assaulting her. Autumn’s father, Sean, says one time, he picked up his daughter from D’Andre’s house and she had swollen eyes and blood coming out of her nose and mouth. Sean says his daughter refused to press charges because she did not want to get D’Andre in trouble. Why is Autumn defending D’Andre to her parents?

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Know someone in an abusive relationship?

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          November 09, 2018

          Jersey Shore Mom and Daughter Bring Their Drama to Texas

          Michele and her 33-year-old daughter, Stephanie, appeared on Dr. Phil last year because Michele said Stephanie was binge drinking two-to-three boxes of wine per day.

          Stephanie went to rehab, followed by a sober living facility. But ever since Michele moved to Texas, she says it has been a complete disaster. Michele claims Stephanie drinks to the point of hallucination and almost set their house on fire. While in the process of speaking with producers about returning to the show, Stephanie got arrested and was put in jail! Stephanie claims it was because Michele falsely accused her of assault. Dr. Phil reexamines what Michele and Stephanie’s missteps were and advises them on how to achieve positive change in their future.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Nowhere to turn but Dr. Phil?

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          November 08, 2018

          "My Sister is Grooming Her 6-Year-Old Son to Become Transgender"

          Carly recently made a big announcement on her Facebook page regarding her 6-year-old son: “My son is transitioning from male to female, and her new name is Bella.”

          Carly says she hasn’t seen her brother, Daniel, or her mother, Rose, in 10 months because they won’t accept Bella as a girl with pink hair, pink dresses and pink nail polish. Carly says they’ve even called CPS on her and her husband, Bradley, claiming child abuse. Daniel and Rose say they feel that Carly is pushing the child to transition from male to female too soon, and they think the child is complying with Carly because the child is looking for her approval. Plus former guests, Toni and her transgender daughter, Ash, share their 10-year journey since they last appeared on the show. Dr. Phil lets the family know what’s in the best interest of the child.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have family drama that needs help?

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          March 29, 2019

          "My Wife Refuses To Admit She's Been Unfaithful Hundreds Of Times"

          Jeff insists his wife, Audrey, has been hiding a secret from him for 20 years! Jeff says he is convinced Audrey is a dangerous sex addict who has had affairs with hundreds of men over the course of their relationship.

          Jeff says he would be willing to forgive and forget Audrey’s indiscretions but says she absolutely refuses to come clean about even one act of infidelity. Audrey says she continues to deny everything because she has never been unfaithful. Jeff admits there isn’t one trace of evidence Audrey is cheating, but says that is because Audrey is no different than a serial killer who has perfected her skill set so well, she is uncatchable. In fact, Jeff calls Audrey the Ted Bundy of serial cheaters. Will Audrey admit to even one affair? And, find out the shocking revelation that brings Jeff to tears.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Relationship on the rocks?

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          November 06, 2018

          From Top Model to Bottom of the Bottle

          Amanda went from top model to bottom of the bottle, according to her sister Kari who emailed Dr. Phil desperately seeking to save her older sister’s life.

          Amanda has lived around the world while gracing the covers of top fashion magazines, has had access to the trendiest clubs and dated major league baseball players, but she is now a severe alcoholic. Her mother, Michele, says Amanda has died twice and now lives with a pacemaker because of her drinking. She says she’s at her wits’ end with her daughter and doesn’t want to be around her anymore. Amanda lives with her father, Steve, who both Kari and Michele claim is an enabler who lives like a hoarder and treats Amanda like a little girl. Steve says if it wasn’t for him, Amanda would be homeless. Kari says she wants Dr. Phil to give both Amanda and her father a wake-up call before Amanda dies one last time.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Relative gone from big success to a total mess?

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          March 08, 2019

          Lies, Betrayal and Custody: "It’s Been Two Years Since We’ve Seen Our Daughter"

          Danielle and Nick insist they were great parents to their now 8-year-old daughter.

          They claim it’s been nearly two years since Danielle’s sister, Kimberly, has “kidnapped” their daughter and not allowed them to visit her. Kimberly claims she had no choice but to obtain guardianship of her niece because she says Danielle and Nick are drug addicts and have a history of arrests. She also claims they both neglected the little girl while they disappeared to do drugs. Nick and Danielle admit they were drug addicts but say they’re clean now. They deny all of Kimberly’s accusations of neglect, and say coming to Dr. Phil is their chance to fight to bring their little girl home, despite currently living in a homeless shelter.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have family drama that needs help?

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          November 02, 2018

          Violent Love; A Boyfriend’s Confession of Abuse

          Mindy says she is petrified that her daughter Jourdon’s boyfriend, Richard, is going to kill Jourdon due to his physical abuse. Mindy claims Richard admitted to stabbing and even attempting to drown Jourdon.

          Richard admits he has physically abused Jourdon so badly that he needed to keep her hidden in a hotel room for two weeks until her injuries healed. But what is most shocking is that Richard admits he gets gratification from abusing Jourdon and claims she likes being abused. Richard blames Jourdon for triggering his abuse, and says when he sees her on the floor crying in the fetal position trying to protect herself, it only makes him want to hit her more.

          TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Know someone in an abusive relationship?

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