In March 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed the “Parents Rights in Education” law, preventing the discussion of sexuality or gender identity in kindergarten through third grades in Florida and requiring parents to be part of teacher and student meetings. Advocates say this law protects the rights of the parent. But critics nicknamed the law “Don’t Say Gay” and claim it turns back the clock on equality. Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich, co-founders of Moms of Liberty, say every parent deserves a seat at the table to make sure that certain inappropriate content is not discussed. Candice Jackson, an attorney and mother who worked for the Department of Education under President Trump, says it’s our First Amendment right not to call someone by their preferred pronouns. However, Nadine Smith, executive director for Equality for Florida, says children need full transparency in their curriculum. Dave and Hannah Edwards are educators who say they pulled their trans daughter out of a public school after the school failed to teach transgender education in kindergarten. And, hear from Representative Joe Harding, who sponsored Governor DeSantis’ Parents Rights in Education bill. Professor Jody Armour from the USC Gould School of Law then speaks from his heart when he suggests we all work on having better communication and giving each other more grace.

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