Have you found yourself fighting with friends over politics? Or, have you gotten mad at your dad for posting his support for the president? Were you surprised you married someone who bought a MAGA hat? Did you unfriend some of your friends on social media because you couldn’t take it anymore? You are not alone! Politics has been taking a toll on relationships since 2016, and sometimes, it has even gotten violent. Many people don’t have the ability to agree to disagree anymore. Rick and Barbara are married -- but she’s a liberal and he's a conservative. When the 2020 election got underway, Barbara says she didn’t know how to talk to her husband after she found out he voted for Trump. And, identical twin sisters Monica and Jessica say they may wear the same outfits and even finish each other's sentences, but politically, they are on opposite sides of the aisle. And, former Republican strategist and co-founder of the Lincoln Project Rick Wilson joins Dr. Phil to help make sense of why America is so polarized. He shares why he left the party and tips on how to communicate with someone who may not share your opinions.

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Seven Steps To Narrow The Political Divide
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