Tiffany claims her fiancé, Marques, forced her to expose him as a narcissist on social media, but she never imagined her online story would go viral and be viewed over 3 million times. After Tiffany’s popular post, she admits she posted more, including videos of her throwing Marques’ clothes and shoes out of a moving vehicle, and a video of her taking a pair of scissors to his clothes. Marques denies being a narcissist and insists Tiffany’s viral post was just a calculated ploy to publicly humiliate him after an argument. Marques also claims Tiffany has fabricated online content and left out important details in an effort to make him look bad. But, Tiffany claims there was a lot more about her future husband she could have exposed, but she didn’t. Is this engaged couple more likely to say “Goodbye” than “I Do”? Find out what Dr. Phil thinks.

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