Dr. Phil welcomes controversial YouTuber “Agent Sebastian,” who runs a page called “Cart Narcs” where he posts hundreds of explosive videos of him apprehending shoppers in parking lots who do not return their carts to the corrals. “Agent Sebastian” meets one of his so-called “victims,” Tromaine, who was filmed in public by Sebastian for leaving out his cart. Watch while Tromaine tells Sebastian exactly why he believes what he is doing is wrong. Dr. Phil also welcomes Australian radio and TV host Mel Grieg, who experienced the unimaginable in 2012 when a radio prank resulted in a suicide. Then, academic Dr. Nicholas John confronts Sebastian about his motivation for his “Cart Narcs” page. And, social media lawyer Ethan Wall takes part in the conversation to reveal whether what Agent Sebastian is doing is illegal. Is Sebastian breaking the law? Tune in to find out!

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