From everyday citizens who risked their lives to save complete strangers to people who have gone out of their way to help others, Dr. Phil speaks with real-life heroes. Teenage best friends Ethan, Chase, and Colin helped rescue two strangers from a dangerous house fire, and it was all caught on video. Find out why the fire chief in their community says these young heroes also saved the lives of his firefighters. Then, meet Anthony, who risked his life to rescue a man who was being electrocuted on a railroad track. Later, Savannah says she was shamed for her weight by a male passenger on an airplane. Find out how Chase, another passenger, came to her rescue. And, Dr. Phil speaks with Charlie Rocket, Founder of the Dream Machine Foundation, who does more than show kindness and compassion for others; he makes dreams come true for deserving people across the country. Matthew, a young man with cerebral palsy, had a dream Charlie Rocket made come true -- you may be shocked by what it was. Lastly, Dane risked his life when he dove into a freezing river to save a woman.

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