When exes Sandra and Joey first appeared on the show, they were engaged in a bitter custody battle with accusations ranging from physical abuse and poisoning ice cream to feeding their girls moldy food and teaching them how to steal. Sandra even accused Joey of sexually molesting one of their daughters. Joey absolutely denied these allegations, called them “outrageous” and accused Sandra of coaching the girls to make up what he called “outlandish lies.”

Linda, Sandra’s neighbor, didn’t know who to believe and wrote to Dr. Phil to get answers.

Sandra and Joey agreed to take polygraph and drug tests to help prove they were telling the truth. Joey passed both tests but Sandra did not take either.

Now, Sandra is back and has agreed to take the polygraph and insists that she had not coached her daughters. Will she take the polygraph this time? And what causes her to storm off stage?

Plus, on Tuesday, will Sandra return?

This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Mom Accused of Coaching Daughters To Lie About Ex Comes Back To Explain Her Story
Mom Called 7- and 9-Year-Old Daughters ‘Liars’, Saying They ‘Manipulate’ And ‘Betrayed’ Her
Strong Words For Mom Accused Of Making False Allegations About Ex After He Passed Polygraph

What Caused Sandra To Walk Off Stage?

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