Pat and his wife, Sarah, claim they’re scared for their family’s safety. Pat claims his father, John, is delusional, violent, paranoid and so dangerous that Pat sleeps on the couch in his living room to protect his wife and two children in the event that John comes to the house at night to harm them.

Pat also says he has no idea why his father responds to seemingly benign events with, what he interprets as, threats. Pat and Sarah say John’s delusions have gotten so bad they’ve had to cut ties with him.

John, on the other hand, completely denies the allegations. He says his daughter-in-law is to blame for stealing his son, filling his head with evil and turning Pat against him. He says that Pat and Sarah are possessed by the devil -- and that he is actually afraid of his son and what he calls his violent past.

Can Dr. Phil bridge the gap between father and son and bring this whole family back together again?

Son Calls Father ‘Paranoid,’ Delusional, Dad Says Son Is Violent And Threatening

Why Man Says He Believes Letter He Received From 7-Year-Old Grandson Includes Death Threat

Man Says Daughter-In-Law ‘Stole’ His Son, Filled His Head With Evil

Man Illustrates Troubled Father/Son Relationship With Flowchart

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