Former PTA President and mom volunteer Kelli Peters claimed she was terrorized and framed by a fellow mom and high-powered attorney Jill Easter and her Ivy League educated ex-husband, Kent. After a school spat, authorities alleged that Jill and Kent hatched a diabolical plot to frame her, with Kent admitting to secretly stashing bags of drugs in her car. After DNA evidence was collected, they both were arrested. Jill, who has now served time for her part in the incident and changed her name to Ava Everhart, speaks out for the very first time in an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil. She says no one knows the real story of what happened.

PTA Mom Claims Another Mom Tortured Her, Allegedly As Revenge For Schoolyard Spat
Mother Claims Rival Parent Tried To Kill Her After Schoolyard Confrontation
Former PTA President Recalls Being Questioned By Police After A Parent Planted Drugs in Her Car At Her Child’s School
Woman Explains Her DNA Being Found On Pills She Denies Having Planted
Shocking 911 Call From Father Convicted of Setting Up a Former PTA President At Son’s School

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