Savannah was repeatedly sexually abused as a young child before being adopted at age 6.

As a teenager, Savannah was involved in prostitution and was eventually kidnapped and sex trafficked. Savannah believes her adoptive mother, Andrea, should have done more to protect her. Andrea says she received her master's degree in psychology to try and help understand her daughter but says, "it didn't work," and turned to Dr. Phil for help. Emotions run high when Savannah comes face-to-face with her mother, who she has not seen in a year.

Also, Dr. Phil catches up with actress Jan Broberg. Jan says she can absolutely relate to Savannah's story after being abducted as a teen -- not once but twice -- by a close family friend who molested, raped, and brainwashed her into believing they were supposed to have a child together in order to save the world. Jan's story is the subject of the Netflix documentary, Abducted In Plain Sight. Jan lends a supportive voice to Savannah.

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