Sextortion, when someone blackmails you into providing them money, images of a sexual nature, or sexual favors by threatening to release your graphic information, videos, and/or pictures, is real and is not only happening to adults. College students and young kids from kindergarten to teens in high school are also becoming victims. Parents, this is a wake-up call because, in some of these cases, the results are fatal. Kaylee says she was a victim of sextortion from 12-16 years old. She says her sextortionists groomed her by pretending to be her friends online. Kaylee’s mother, Angela, says she only found out when the FBI showed up at her door when Kaylee was 19. Sierra, Kaylee’s best friend, says she was also groomed by the same men as Kaylee, but neither of them knew about the other until years later. Then, meet Carol whose 15-year-old daughter, Amanda, was sextorted and tragically took her own life. Sergeant Sean Pierce, Commander of the Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and Angelie Donzanti, Crime and Intelligence Analyst with the San Jose Police Department, join the conversation and reveal what to look for and what not to post online.

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