Throughout the years, many different social media challenges have emerged. The popularity of online challenges is rising and unfortunately, have become extremely unsafe -- and in some cases, deadly. “The Blackout Challenge,” which encourages children to strangle or suffocate themselves until they blackout, is arguably the most dangerous. It originated as “the choking game,” even as early as the 1930s. Prior to 2007, the CDC reported it resulted in the deaths of 82 children, with most victims being adolescent males ages 11-16, with the average age being 13. Since then, it has resurfaced on social platforms and in 2021, caused the death of roughly 10 children in the U.S. Dr. Phil meets two families who lost their sons to "The blackout challenge." He also receives an update from a past guest who lost one of her 13-year-old twin boys to "the choking game" in 2005. The families want to spread awareness about this challenge to hopefully save other children’s lives – and advocate for the sons they lost. You won’t want to miss this powerful episode.

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