Splitting from your spouse is usually full of emotional turmoil and sadness at any age. Within recent years, there has been an increase in “grey” divorces, or separations that happen around or after age 50, also known as “silver splitters." Dr. Phil meets Lara and her husband, Bill, who say they’ve been arguing constantly, and the “divorce” word has come up too often – and they want to know how to fix what’s wrong. Then, Simona Fusco, matchmaker and the founder of Perfect 12, sets up Kelly and Alex, both 51 and divorced parents, who say they are looking to start their lives over with someone new. Will they be a match? And, we catch up with past guests Paula and Jeremy, who were on the verge of divorce when they last appeared on Dr. Phil. Find out their surprising update. Plus, an organization that encourages children with autism to get on the tennis court and into physical and social activity. Hear more about ACEing Autism and how to bring their programs into your community and schools.

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