Dr. Phil meets Sara, an attorney who says over the past year, her 67-year-old mother, Chris’, behavior has changed to such a worrying extent, she has been Baker Acted and cannot be trusted around her own grandchildren. Sara says Chris disappeared for two days last year after faxing a “manifesto” to a major news network about an idea to end Donald Trump’s Presidency. Sara says when she found her mother, she contacted the police who recommended taking her to the emergency room for a wellness check. However, after evaluating Chris, the ER doctor Baker Acted her, and she was sent to a mental health facility. Chris, who says this whole ordeal has been a huge misunderstanding and that she is not mentally compromised in any way. Dr. Phil offers a potentially life-changing resource to Chris to determine her brain health once and for all. Will Chris take the help? Tune in to find out!

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