Angelique says she thought she had the perfect family until her husband, Tommy, began accusing her of cheating. She says Tommy is so paranoid she’s having an affair that she has to FaceTime him over 20 times a day, send him pictures, and constantly check in to prove she’s not lying about her whereabouts. Tommy says he knows his wife is deceiving him. He claims he’s caught her wearing “sexy” lingerie, deleting her phone history, and even suspects she’s bringing men in and out of the house while their children are asleep in the same bedroom, all of which Angelique adamantly denies. Angelique’s mother, Caroline, says she fears for her daughter’s life. She says Tommy will show up at Angelique’s work unexpectedly and even leaves work to randomly check in on Angelique in the hopes of catching her in the act. Can Dr. Phil save this marriage?


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