Sherri Papini, a mother of two from Redding, California who was called “Supermom” by her family, disappeared on November 2, 2016 Reportedly while jogging near her home. Three weeks later, she turned up battered, burned, and bruised, with a chain around her waist. Was she taken against her will? Or, was she the real-life “Gone Girl”? Papini claimed she’d been abducted by two Hispanic women who branded her and planned to sex traffic her. But behind the scenes, investigators were unraveling a twisted web of deceit and manipulation. Now, five years after she vanished, Papini is behind bars -- but her story isn’t over. Dr. Phil speaks with Captain Pat Kropholler who was in charge of the case and says he suspected from the start that this might be a sick hoax. Also, go inside the investigation and see police evidence photos and interrogation videos of Papini’s twisted lies.

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