Carly was dubbed as “The Miracle Lady” by doctors when she was successfully resuscitated by her husband, Larry, after being electrocuted. But now, Larry, Carly’s sister Maggie, and her mother, Marie, say Carly may have survived her accident, but she’s not the person she used to be. Instead, they say she’s exhibiting odd and extremely troubling behavior. However, not everyone in Carly’s life is convinced her experience changed her. In fact, Carly’s stepdaughters, Vanessa and Elena, say they believe Carly is actually “faking her odd behavior and milking the accident for all it’s worth” to further gain their father’s attention, a sentiment that Carly disagrees with. To find out if Carly’s brain was altered from her accident, Dr. Phil sent Carly to a leading expert in neuroradiology to conduct an in-depth brain scan. What will the results reveal?

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