Andy and his wife, Bridget, say they were petrified after receiving a call from a scammer posing as a kidnapper who claimed he was holding their daughter, Sam, hostage for ransom money.

Dr. Phil explains to the frightened couple that this trending scam is called “virtual kidnapping,” as he instructs the audience on how to recognize these types of scammers.

Then, Dr. Phil meets with Debra Newell, the real woman behind the popular podcast and hit Bravo series Dirty John. Debra was a single, successful business owner who had raised her four children when she decided she was ready to go online to try to find love. Then, Debra met John, a man who first seemed like a charming, intelligent doctor but later revealed he was emotionally abusive with a dangerous and criminal past. Detective Julia Bowman also talks about how unbeknownst to Debra, she had arrested John in 2013 for stalking and harassing an ex, and he later tried to put a hit out on the detective.

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